Zingoy App Review

Zingoy App

Shopping is no longer just a way of spending money; it is now a way to earn, as well!

Presenting Zingoy, a free mobile phone app that pays you cashback every time you shop with it. With the Zingoy app on your mobile phone, you can now earn loads of cashback on the go, almost every time you shop online.

Of course, there are ways to save money while shopping online, but the Zingoy app actually lets you EARN real, hard cash over and above all those amazing deals, offers and discount coupons you seldom shop without. Be it for clothes, gadgets, electronics, mobile recharge, food, groceries, babies the Zingoy app brings you heaps of cashback from over 200 stores like Amazon India, Paytm, Flipkart, Jabong, AskMeBazaar, Snapdeal, eBay and others.

So, download, sign up and start earning now!


Features of Zingoy

It’s Your Cash, Take It Back.

How you wish everything was just a few extra bucks cheaper than it already is! Well that is exactly what Zingoy is here for. It makes your shopping more rewarding by giving you some of your cash back. It does not just help you ‘save’ money, but also ‘earn’ it. And these profits do not require any initial investment because Zingoy is a free platform.

So, whether you are shopping out of need or for luxury, you can earn cashback every time you shop using the Zingoy app. After all, it is your cash, so take it back.


Share To Earn

Shopping is not the only way to earn money on Zingoy. Here, you can also earn money by sharing.

Found a deal, coupon or product that you like, or that your friends/ relatives might like? Simply copy its link, convert it in to your Zingoy link using the app and share it among your contacts. If anybody shops using your Zingoy link, you earn cashback on it! Just make sure the deal, coupon or product you share is from a store, listed on Zingoy.

Where Does Your Cash Go?

In the Zingoy account. All the cashback you earn, while shopping with the new Zingoy app, is stored in your Zingoy account. Once the validated amount of cash in your Zingoy account reaches Rs 250, you can transfer it to your bank account and use all that extra cash to shop some more … and obviously, to earn some more!

You can also redeem that cashback in form of gift vouchers. Zingoy charges no additional fees for such redemptions.


Refer Friends

Another way to share and earn via Zingoy is to tell your friends about Zingoy. Get your referral code from the Zingoy app and share it with your friends and family. When a friend or relative signs up on Zingoy using your code, you and they, both, get Rs 100 as Referral Bonus in your account!


Apart from giving you cashback on your online shopping, the Zingoy app also brings you all the latest and hottest deals, discount offers and coupons in one place. You can browse for top deals and valid coupons in the various categories like Mobiles, Travel, Fashion, Grocery & Food, Electronics, Recharge and more, on Zingoy.


You can also browse through valid coupons and top offers, store-wise on Zingoy. The cashback app features almost all the top and popular stores like Amazon, Paytm, AskMeBazaar, Jabong, Snapdeal, eBay and other such all-in-one online marketplaces, where you can get everything you need in one place, and earn huge cashback on it all.

Apart from this, you can also earn cashback via Zingoy on your travel and hotel bookings from sites like MakeMyTrip, Expedia, Cleartrip, Musafir etc., or you can earn money even while binging on your favourite food from sites like Domino’s, KFC and others. Thus, be it anything you need or fancy, you will find a great discount for it on Zingoy and earn cashback on it.

On each and every Zingoy store page, you will get offers, cashback rates, guidelines for cashback and all important information with the flick of a finger.

Track Your Earnings

The Zingoy app keeps a track of all your shopping activities, and provides you well-organized reports about your transactions, validation status, cashback earned and cashback claimed in a single glance. You can get all this information on the dashboard. You can also reach the Zingoy customer support from here.


This feature makes cashback with Zingoy even more fun and fast! If you have apps of your favourite stores on your mobile phone, then activate Zinni on your Zingoy app. Zinni will automatically earn you cashback every time you shop via these stores’ apps*.

So, no going back and forth between apps for cashback! Simply activate Zinni and shop. Also, every time you open any store’s app on your mobile phone, with Zinni activated, it will show you the cashback rate of that store, at first sight.

All you have to do is, go to Menu> Zinni Settings>Click the button on top right corner and Zinni will be activated!

*Note: The stores should be listed on Zingoy.

Here’s how you can earn maximum cashback on Zingoy:

Keep a tab on the Zingoy app daily to grab the best and exclusive offers with increased cashback rates.

Share your favourite offers and product links with as many friends as possible to earn more cashback.

Also, share your referral codes as much as possible.

Keep checking the app to receive updates about festive sales and special 100% cashback offers.

Google Play Store Link-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zingoy.app&hl=en