What You Really Need for the Perfect Instagram Hacking

Following a very unpleasant event occurred to one of my clients, this morning we decided to write a complete guide where you will find all the solutions to recover a hacked Instagram profile.

We will start with the conventional procedure, the one suggested in many guides and that tells you how to contact the assistance to report your story.

  • Unfortunately, however, Instagram assistance does not always respond in a timely manner. And even when he does, as you will soon find out, it is not at all certain that the profile is returned to you. Not immediately at least.
  • And the wait, we can assure you; in some cases it can become really unnerving. Be aware that your Instagram profile is in the hands of a hacker and that it could seriously compromise years of hard work is a traumatic experience. Especially if you use Instagram for work and dancing there are important collaborations like in the case of your friend.

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Because an Instagram profile is hacked

There are several reasons that drive a hacker to take over your Instagram profile. He is often a “professional” in the sector if we so wish to define him. But this is not always the case.

Often, unfortunately, it happens that to break an account is not a hacker but rather someone close to you. The most classic case is that of the former poisoned, who for a stupid revenge tries to hit you where he knows he hurts you.

We make this premise because we want to warn you against sharing your password with people close to you. Prudence is never too much. But of this aspect, that is how to prevent a hacker attack, we will not deal with it later.

If instead the attack was carried out by a “professional” hacker the reasons are essentially three

Ask for a “ransom”. Some time ago the profile of an acquaintance of mine was stolen. In return, the hacker asked for a fair sum of money in return. The profile is not worth such a request and, although sorry, the victim has decided not to give in to blackmail and create a new profile from scratch.

Resell it. Especially if it is a successful profile, with hundreds of thousands of followers and excellent engagement, the hacker could simply change his name and resell it to the highest bidder. A big account can be worth 3 zeros. And the market for the sale of Instagram profiles is very prosperous.

Insert it into your network. Another plausible reason could be to take an Instagram profile and then use it in a network. Often these hackers offer shout outs, sponsored posts. And to do so, they need profiles with excellent engagement and a high number of followers.