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Want to Become a Remote DBA Expert? Why leadership skills are necessary?

Database management is such a sphere where a lot of challenges are required to be resolved on a daily basis. Data is important, and almost all giant businesses have their own data center setups. Small and medium scale businesses also need to focus on better database management process, and for that reason, Oracle DBA is required. The job of a database expert is complicated. He has to deal with a lot of things. He has to deal with a lot of unique roles. Nevertheless, he has to face plenty of crucial challenges on a daily basis. Due to all these reasons, database management has turned quite a challenging job.

Though highly challenging, it also commits excellent rewards. Your business can be perfectly benefitted with effective as well as seamless database management. Actually, managing data in a better way helps a business immensely. First of all, the business looks well organized when everything is in the right place. Data plays an important role a business decision making as well as strategy making process. This is where it comes to the second benefit of better database management. With effective database management, a business will not find any difficulty in the strategy making process. It could make important business management decisions with more effectiveness as well as meticulousness.

Database Management and Leadership Skills

In the field of database management, leadership skills matter a lot. In fact, this is the thing that matters the most for the purpose of effective database management. So, what type of leadership skills are required by the DBA experts? Well, different kinds of skills are required. From technical insight into different management abilities, various sets of skills will make a person appear as one of the best database management experts. In the following section, those set of skills are discussed.

  1. Risk Assessment

Database managers have the reasonability to manage data. In many cases, people think that managing data means arranging them in perfect order. Well, in reality, the role is even bigger as well as more crucial. Database managers are responsible for the security of the data as well. Now, one would put forward the argument that it is difficult to predict security threats or virus attacks. It is indeed true, but database managers should have the skill to judge possible security loopholes. It is also close to those loopholes before data gets under threat. So, risk assessment for the database is the most important management skills as well as leadership quality that remote DBA experts should possess.

  1. Risk Management

Assessing risks and closing all the loopholes is important, but there is nothing absolute in this field. Even though you have all modernized security arrangements for protecting data from threats like hacking or phishing, such things can breakthrough at any point in time. In such a scenario, sheer meticulousness and presence of mind of the database managers can save the company from big losses. As a leader, the remote DBA expert should not fear to take up the challenge of managing a risky situation. Effective risk management can actually lead to success for a business.

  1. Decision Making

Decision making is a trait of leadership. When at a crunchy situation normal people struggle to take an appropriate decision, a good leader is always meticulous enough to make a good choice without any failure. Decision making is a thing that you should manage with perfection as a database management expert. For example, it is important to take up the decision for data backup. What is the right time for data backup? How can data backup actually happen? What will be the further plan of actions? A good leader should have answers to all these critical questions.

  1. Understanding the Technology

Leadership is not all about decision making or dictating others. It is also about becoming self-reliant with more knowledge or insight. So, remote database managers should keep their knowledge updated with the latest technologies. Improvements in terms of technologies will fetch better profitability for the business. For example, technological improvement can make data more secured for an organization. It can also reduce the overall expenses of the organization to manage or maintain data. Reducing cost will reduce inflation, and that would certainly make a net profit of the organization to appear better. To know more in this regard, you can check remoteDBA.com.

Reasons to Use Oracle for Database Management

For the purpose of database management, it is important to use a proper framework or management platform. Oracle is such a platform which has been evolved drastically over the last few years to become the ace database management framework for the small to large scale organizations. So, what are the reasons to use this open-source database management platform? How can it actually help a business? Find the answers below:

  • Reliable Platform: Oracle is known to be trusted or reliable framework for database management. This framework actually helps to manage data more seamlessly as it gives excellent security. The primary condition of database management is to attain the best form of data security. From that aspect, Oracle is perfectly fine.
  • Easy to Use: Oracle database management framework is simple to be used. Due to this reason, you should focus on using this exclusive database managing platform.
  • Agility: Oracle is known to an agile platform for the purpose of database management. It comes with unique ranges of features as well as options to make the task of database planning and management easier for the remote DBA experts.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Budget friendliness is the biggest benefit of Oracle. You shall get this platform on the most suitable budget for your business.


Database management process is crucial for every business. It is important to find a good DBA expert who possesses excellent leadership skills. At the same time, it is important to choose an agile framework for the purpose of online-based database management. For that purpose, using Oracle is highly recommended.

Author Bio: Julia Anderson is the author of this article, and she is quite experienced in the field of database management. She writes about her experiences and insights in this field, and you can find more information at remoteDBA.com.