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Utility of Dash Cams in the Oil Tanker Business and How They Boost Revenue

In a scenario where everything has gone digital, dash cams play a vital role in the oil tanker industry.  In this industry, more and more fleet-owners install front-facing dash cams as it offers several benefits with far-reaching outcomes for the businesses.

The optionof live videos showing the happenings during a serious safety event helps you and your drivers enhance thesafety of the fleet. Here are some of the benefits that dash cams offer to oil tankers:

  1. Optimization of vehicle resources

GPS tracking devices provide youinformation about the location and performance of your vehicles at any point of time. The device offers very precise data on the driver’s driving behavior, fuel usage and the exact location. It is essential for you to have all the relevant data as this will help you understand the performance of your vehicles. This will also give you the opportunity to focus on promoting and adding value to the services you offer.

  1. Increased fuel efficiency

With the GPS tracking device, you will surely see great saving in the fuelling process of your vehicles. Fuel savings can be computed by accounting the number of routes taken, comparatively lower idle time, improvement in the driver’s productivity and of course, a decline in unnecessary and unscheduled stoppages.

  1. Track and trace your assets

With the help of GPS tracking systems, the owners can trace their lost and stolen vehicles in no time and also reduce maintenance costs. These days the GPS tracking devices are equipped with progressive telematics like vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicator. A user can also look up features like engine oil and the overall health of your vehicle.

  1.  Safety of the fleet

With the help of a tracker, the drivers will be more attentive and will be accountable for their whereabouts. The GPS tracking device will also let them feel safer and that will surely improve their performance on the roads;moreover, they will know that are being tracked. On the other hand, fleet owners will know exactly where their drivers are.

  1. Handy features

GPS tracking has many features which are quite convenient to use. It helps you understand the performance of the vehicle; helps you manage speed, trip distance, etc. GPS tracking device also provides assistance in how to use the features and online applications. GPS tracking helps you streamlineyour businesses by reducing overhead costs and optimizing the life of your vehicles.

  1. Brand reputation

Brand awareness is a very important asset and if the business starts to give you fruitful results, then there is no looking back. With the help of GPS devices, it becomes easier for such business owners to offer faster response times, efficient service and error-free invoicing. The business reputation and image will also improve, transforming to more positive feedback, more referrals and more sales.

  1. Happy client base

As a business owner you’re likely to find it difficult to meet the ever-growing expectations and demands of clients. Almost every client expects and wants quick delivery in sync with the time and needs that could fulfillhis objectives. With a GPS enabled vehicle, you are able to make quick and informed decisions that are sure to improve customer service.

  1. Reduces bookkeeping

GPS tracking devices allow the owners to keep a track of all the data and analytics in an appropriate digital format and stocks them for future use. This helps in cutting down the unnecessary cost of stationary and increases the effectiveness of overall operations. The summary of the fleet can be seen on a set frequency – daily, weekly or monthly.

  1. Reducing labor cost

With the help of GPS tracking devices, even the driver is under pressure to deliver things on time and reach the destination without taking uncalled for detours. Hence the time to reach the destination would be less, which means less spending and early return of the vehicles. You can even communicate with a driver if a problem arises on the road and assign extra trips to a driver if the tracker shows scope for that. GPS tracking lets you regulate the behavior of the driver and optimizes all your trips,thereby increasing your revenue potential.

  1. Reduced incidentsof theft

When you have a GPS tracking device installed in your tanker, you can keep track of your vehicle location round the clock. If in case, it ever gets stolen, you will not face any trouble locating it.

About KENT CamEye

One device that caters to all these needs is, KENT CamEye, a 4G-powered, plug and play device, which can be installed on the front windshield/rear-view mirror of the car. It stores recorded video on secure Cloud storage and syncs with the mobile app in real-time.

KENT CamEye comes with a built-in battery and memory backup so that it works even when the vehicle is parked or is outside network coverage. The app is available for Android and iOS systems and retains historical data for 90 days on Cloud storage.

Aside from tracking the real-time GPS location of the vehicle, KENT CamEye also allows playback of routes travelled, on a map. Moreover, it usesArtificial Intelligence to send actionable alerts on your mobile phone when it detects something unusual.

A keen customer can purchase the device from Amazon at price of Rs 17999. Alternatively, you can also call and fix a free demo.