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Useful Question-and-Answer Guide to Buying Refurbished Electronics

Are you in the market for a new phone? How would you like a new pair of headphones or some other mobile accessories? What would you do if the items that you like were way beyond your budget?

Cast your worries aside, as there are a wide variety of refurbished electronics options that you can choose from. There are refurbished tablets, mobile phones, and earphones available. You can choose whatever gadget you have in mind without breaking the bank.

High Tech, Low Cost

Some people go to great lengths just to get that latest iPhone or Beats headphones. Some covet all these electronic gadgets but have difficulty realizing their dream simply because these brand new gizmos are priced beyond what they can normally afford.

Manufacturers and third-party sellers have taken note of this and have come up with a solution to cater to this special niche market. The refurbished electronics industry was born to address the demand for devices that are almost brand new but are fully functional and set at a price level that is more affordable for buyers.

Refurbished electronics are items that may have been returned by buyers who’ve changed their minds, or those that may have some irregularities when first opened. These can also be display phones or floor samples from in-store.

These items were then returned either to the store that sold it or directly to the manufacturer. They were then thoroughly inspected to look for faulty parts or accessories and then have been accordingly fixed. After a stringent process of testing its compatibility and performance, it is then cleared to be sold with a condition that is now free of errors and performs as well as a brand new unit.

If you are interested in buying refurbished electronics, there may still be some questions that are floating around in your mind. To help you out, here are some common questions and their corresponding answers so you can be guided accordingly:

Q: Is a refurbished device the same as a used gadget that’s being resold? 

A: No. A refurbished electronic device goes through a thorough inspection and, if needed, is subjected to corrective measures to ensure that it performs in 100 percent good condition. It is then resold free from defects and works just like a brand new unit.

Refurbished items are graded according to their current physical appearance. While all refurbished products are fully functional, there may be differences in their appearance.

There are gadgets that are practically brand new with no damage to the body or screen. Others may have some little nicks or scratches that have no direct effect on its function. The lowest graded items may have visible marks on their body or screen but can still function properly. These items may also be sold at a bargain.

Refurbished items may have been returned to the manufacturer under warranty because of some kinks or simply because the owner changed their mind.

On the other hand, used gadgets do not go through the same assessment and correction process. These used items may still be sold with defects and unsuspecting consumers may fall prey to these if they are not sufficiently informed of the condition of the gadget.

Q: What are the basic benefits of buying refurbished electronics? 

A: The first and most common perk that you get from buying a refurbished electronic item is its cost. Refurbished gadgets generally cost lower than brand new items.

On the same vein, . For example, you can get a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus with a larger display and capacity for the price of a brand new iPhone 8.

You are also assured that a refurbished item has gone through extensive testing and may even be, arguably, a better product than a fresh-off-the-boat one.

It’s also a greener choice since you are helping cut down on electronic waste. Buying a refurbished electronic item is helping recycling and reusing efforts instead of just allowing these gadgets to go straight into a landfill.

Q: Where should I buy refurbished electronic items? 

A: It is always advisable to only get your refurbished gadgets from a reputable seller such as Teckzu. Do not get lured by ultra-low prices peddled on the streets as these can be fly-by-night merchants who can dupe you with shady deals.

Buying from authorized resellers and certified refurbished retailers is the best way to go. Aside from the 100 percent authentic products that these sellers offer you, you can also enjoy other ownership privileges such as warranty programs. You can also get other perks such as a money-back guarantee, cash on delivery option, and fast and free shipping for online purchases.

Tested and Trusted

When you are gunning for a new gadget but do not have that extra cash to spare, then your best bet is to get a refurbished item. Just make sure that you purchase from a reliable and trustworthy retailer so you are sure that what you are getting is a hundred percent genuine and functional product.


Mirza Saqib Habib is the Business Manager at Dubai-based Teckzu, the perfect one-stop-shop to discover, browse, and buy new and refurbished electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessories. Mirza comes from a strong E-commerce background with over 6 years of regional experience. He has helped kick-start many startups in the past and is passionate about using technology to facilitate seamless digital user experience.