Unconventional Christmas gifts

Unconventional Christmas gifts

Everyone’s got a quirky friend that’s hard to buy for… how about these unusual gifts?

The fan of all things outdoors

Is it a stag, is it a boar, no wait… it’s a pheasant. Actually you can buy all three if you wish as Bushwear have a trio of bottle stoppers up for grabs. Their corked base means they will fit most bottle necks (i.e. wines and beers), so team one up with a bottle of something lovely to ensure your recipient has a merry Christmas.

For the science lover

If you can’t give them a new experiment to play Christmas morning, here’s the next best thing. Totally Funky stock sets of salt and pepper pots and oil and vinegar holders shaped like lab flasks! Just remind the scientist in your life to keep their lab flasks at home so they don’t end up drizzling acid on their bruschetta and vinegar on their chemicals!

The painters perfect present

If you know someone who is almost certain to have emulsion, matt, primer, undercoat and gloss on their Christmas list, this cute pendant will give them a pleasant surprise. Culture Label stock a variety of gifts and trinkets for artists including a drip-look paintbrush necklace available in a spectrum of colours.

Listen up music lovers

We’ve all got one friend who eats, sleeps, drinks, plays and lives for music – so now they can dream it too! The music pillow allows your music fan to plug in their mp3 player (or mobile phone or any device with a headphone socket) to their pillow so they can listen to their favourite tunes before they drift off to the land of nod.

Children who love to draw (on everything)

Do you know a child who manages to draw on walls higher than they can reach, uses anything and everything to ‘paint a pretty picture’ and believes any surface is their canvas? Say hello to the Doodle Duvet. The concept is self-explanatory; the set contains a 200 thread count white duvet (single size) and a pack of wash-out markers in 8 colours.

Pleasing the bookworms

If heading over to the dark side of digital literature (i.e. Kindles, etc.) isn’t their bag, and they don’t want another bookmark to add to their current collection of 500,000 – this gift could be for them. Using two magnets, arrow bookends look like your books are being held together by magic and offer a cool alternative to the standard book ends on the market.