Types of Promotional Video Services

Video creation and editing is a skill which is in great demand in the 21st century. Videos can be used for various purposes for example creation of entertainment content like web series and corporate videos for promotion of a product etc. Professional video production and distribution has taken the form of a service which is provided by certain production agencies. Promotional video production is their main area of expertise where the agencies help the corporate bodies in creation of tailor made videos. They create amazing product or service promotional videos in order to draw customer attention towards the product and initiate a buying decision. The whole process of production is cost effective and efficient which leads to creation of quality content.

These promotional videos can be of the following types:

  1. TV commercials:

These are short and concise promotional videos about a product or service which help in grabbing attention of a wider customer base for buying the product. These commercials are the backbone of the marketing objective of any business organization. Video production agencies use step by step approach in production and distribution of such commercials. They make sure the commercial provide every bit of information related to the product within the time frame and budget specified by the client company. Production agencies take care of everything including scripting, production and editing of TV commercials.

  1. Corporate product videos:

Video production agencies also help in creation of corporate product videos as television advertisements or for the digital media. These product videos provide information relating to a product or service using various means and concepts. Agencies can even go for professional explainer videos which give particular information related to product like how to use a smart device or open a sim tray of a smartphone etc. Corporate product videos when uploaded on company’s official website help in achieving great conversion rates.

  1. Animated explainer videos:

Use of 2D and 3D designs and motion graphics in creation of animated videos also help in promotion of product. Animated product explainer videos help in providing required information about the product in a more engaging and interactive way than simple product videos. Stunning visuals combined with modern designing methods help in creating the best animated video for greater customer attraction and attention.

  1. Testimonial videos:

In order to attract prospective customers towards the product, companies can go for testimonial videos. Taping videos of happy and satisfied customers from the product can be uploaded upon the official website which act as a proof of product’s authenticity and quality. They can even help the customers by highlighting key benefits of the product and the ways to solve the problems faced by previous customers.

  1. Event videos:

A company organizing an event for the launch of an appliance or a device may also be taped by the professional video production agencies. It helps in strengthening the relationship between the company and its followers on social media which can initiate buying process by the customers.

  1. Corporate videos:

Company can upload corporate videos i.e. the products it provides, its awards and achievements etc. It helps in building trust between the customers and the company which in turn improves sales.

A company can use any of the above types of professional videos for promotion purposes using the help of a professional video production company.