Twitter hacked and 250,000 user data stolen

The social networking giant, Twitter is that the latest victim of cyber attacks because the web site has confirmed that it\’s been hit by a serious security breach and therefore the data of over 250,000 users may need been compromised.

Twitter aforesaid in it’s official blog, that it detected uncommon access patterns, leading the web site to spot unauthorized access tries to it’s user data. the web site has confirmed one attack, that it claims was resolved while not a lot of delay.

However, Twitter notes that in it’s investigation, it recognized that the hackers may need been able to access personal data of over 250K users, and therefore the data like usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords may need been compromised.

As a preventive step, Twitter has reset passwords and revoked session tokens for the settled accounts, and every one the 250,000 users whose account data is believed to own been compromised, are sent e-mails notifying them to make a replacement passwords.
Twitter’s confirmation relating to the hack comes once the web site experienced a widespread outage effecting the users earlier in the week, however Twitter claims that the 2 incidences weren’t associated with one another.