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Recognized as An Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain: Acupuncture, A New Self-Healing Therapy

Chronic pain is the most common reason for applying complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies, such as Acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture is relatively uncommon among westerners, but gaining popularity in the health care center because of its effective pain relief therapy and more. An ancient art form, Acupuncture has been widely implemented in Asia for centuries. This branch of traditional Chinese medicine is now explored by the Western medicine by applying needles. Surely, you do not feel excruciating pain like any injection. It is a practice that works by a set of needles, heat and accurate pressure to focus on the specific pain area: knee pain treatment, migraines (headache), back pain treatment, or any other chronic pain that develops due to osteoarthritis.

Today it is part of a comprehensive approach to treating problems; it is no magical cure, so don’t be skeptical. The aim of acupuncture is “Self-Healing”, by activating the cells to work towards vital life force, and Back pain treatment in Houston is successfully administered therapy.

Is the Traditional therapy-based effective?

On the idea of ‘energetic’ flowing within the body, this ancient traditional therapy is a treatment that generates pressure to the targeted area and also at various points through the skin. Yes, it is efficacious. But wait! opt for the best center that will deliver a better experience, and if you are seeing a new acupuncturist, don’t hassle. Regarding any information about Acupuncture, Peking Acupuncture handles all your queries and arrange a detailed session to get your own health care benefits, concerning back pain treatment.

Formulate to help back pain treatment

Insert of needles at a number of potential pressure-points through the skin, but not causing any harm, discomfort, blood, or pain. Thus, a professional acupuncturist will focus primary points for back pain treatment, mainly target (energy) ‘qi’.  Some of the meridians that are targeted to ease painful nerves as well as muscle in the back are:

  • Lower back points
  • Back of the knee’s points
  • Hand points
  • Back of the knee’s points
  • Stomach points
  • Hip points

For upper back pain treatment, mostly known as thoracic back pain have different meridians to focus, and they are:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Head
  • Upper back

Formulate for treating knee pain/ joint pain

Inflammation or pain over knee can due to myriad factors, such as repetitive and excessive use, injury, poor diet, aging, bursitis, and autoimmune conditions that generate ‘Lyme Disease’ and ‘Rheumatoid arthritis’. So how does Acupuncture therapy helps in relieving pain?

For 50- minutes to 90 minutes, the treatments get through, which is generally painless. Some specific points in and around the knee have been targeted to flow energy through meridians, to encourage chemical and electrical flow and moderate the pain by relaxing the tense muscle.

Since biomedical sciences are relatively new to the health care development, the Acupuncturist of Houston Acupuncture is still researching to adopt optimum therapeutic advances through acupuncture sessions. In fact, we are also successfully treating vomiting, nausea, pain, fatigue through acupuncture, along with knee and back pain.