Top Tips of Avoiding Spam Mails Altogether

Computers have become an indispensable part in every field, whether it is for business or for education. And using a computer means you inevitably use the mails. In this recent technical world, every transaction and communication takes place through the emails. In this chunk of emails, you often receive spam mails too. Do you like spam mails to crowd your inbox? Do you wish to enlist yourself in the list of spammers? Certainly not…

What to do in order to avoid being in the spammer’s list? Here are some tips you can use to steer yourself away from spam mails. Check it out here.

  1. Use Disposable Email Address

You generally use your original email address for all your online accounts but this is not right. When you use your primary mail address on any site in the web, you put it at risk since the spammers can pick it up from the internet. As soon as your email id goes into the hands of the spammers, your inbox will surely get filled up with spam mails every day. Hence, instead of real email address use a disposable email id.

  1. Domain Owners: Create Throwaway Addresses

Do you have a domain name? If so, you have a superb anti-spam tool, that is, your email server. Do you know this? All mails that are supposed to be directed to your domain which has no existence at the present moment, are forwarded by default to your primary account. This feature can be used for creating throwaway mail addresses. Say you need to sigh up for the newsletter, make a new and different email address.

  1. Look for Checkboxes    

When you fill up some form on the internet, you might often find some innocent-looking texts right towards the end of the form. This checkbox is quite often found to be already marked. This directs your email address to the persons about whom you have no idea at all. You can avoid this by carefully signing up for something on the web world and checking that such checkboxes are not marked.

  1. Using Long Difficult Email Address  

When you use the email address on the web, chances are there that they can easily fall into hands of the spammers. One of ways of avoiding this can be using lengthy and complicated email address. You email address should include more than just a word, there should be underscores, numbers and word segments.

Want to free your inbox from spam mails? Follow these tips…Hope it will help you!