Top 5 Tech Gadgets to Support Traveling

Here are some fantastic gadgets for traveling, some of which have won awards. Others are so new that they have not even been properly released yet. Here are a few gadgets that you should definitely try when you go out traveling on either your holidays or on business.

1. Walkin’ Bag

This is a very clever little gadget that does not even need electronics to make it clever. It looks like a bag, and it acts like a bag in that you can put things in it and keep them safe as you carry them around. You may then hit the beach, remove the things from your bag, and turn it into a lawn chair. It has hundreds of uses and is going to be great when you are stuck at a train station and cannot get a seat. You can just pull out your bag and sit on your own lawn chair as other people sit on cold and wet metal chairs. The bag is not even an ugly bag. It is quite stylish in a rather plain but bold way, plus there is a small selection you can choose from.

2. Lady GaGa’s Camera Sunglasses

This is something for the ladies. It is a pair of stylish (if you like that sort of thing) sun glasses. But, they come with a camera inside them. It means that you can take your holiday snaps whilst walking around with your hands free. It is very good for a bit of secret surveillance if you take the flash and the sound effects off of it. They are endorsed by the singer whose name they bare, and they use an LCD screen on the inside of the glasses so that you can aim your shot and then review them afterwards. This also means that you may sit on the beach and sort through your snaps from the comfort of your own sunglasses. You can set them to capture images and store them on the installed chip within the glasses. The images may then be downloaded via a USB to a computer.

3. PlaySport Video Camera

Traveling may not seem compatible with a device that advertises itself as a “PlaySport” device, but what is great about this device is that it is very difficult to break. Do not make the mistake of trying to break it because you will succeed, and frankly it would end up being the world’s greatest marketing ploy of making people smash up their new camera so that they come back and buy a new one. It is a pocket sized HD camera that is very durable. It can stand a lot of harsh treatment from your many holiday adventures, but is also handy for not breaking when it is in your luggage on a plane or train. It is waterproof and may easily be dropped from a height of four feet without breaking.

4. Innex ElectroHUB

This is a pretty cool device that is able to charge up all of your traveling gadgets, and it is also able to do it wirelessly. You can attach six gadgets to your hub when you are in your hotel room or in a conference hall. It is not a very heavy device too, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It is also great because it charges up your devices in a standard time. There is no lag or extra long wait. It is the same time frame as if you had brought your wire chargers and were searching for sockets in the room. It is not difficult to use, but you should read the instructions fully before giving it a go or you may end up disappointed with your newest and favorite gadget.

5. ZAGGmate

If you are the type of person who likes to work from your iPad, then this gadget is going to help you touch type. It is a small but usable keyboard that you can use with your iPad. It is good because it allows you to do some typing whilst you are on the move. It is made from the same type of aluminum that aircraft are made from, and it has a very attractive high-gloss finish to it. You can also open up its case and use its case as an iPad stand, which is a very clever and thoughtful idea. It has already won awards for its usefulness, and many people claim that it looks as futuristic as it tries to be. It does need to be charged separately, but that is no hardship i you are the sort of person that uses it all the time.

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