Top 5 Mobile Gaming Apps Thus Far in 2014

Mobile app gamers who weren’t lucky enough to snag a holdover version of Flappy Bird were forced to find new apps in 2014. Luckily, developers have quickly filled the void with a variety of online gaming sites in addition to paid and free gaming apps for mobile users to enjoy. Below is a list of five of the most popular mobile gaming apps being played by users in 2014.

1. Clash of Clans

One app that has been waves amongst mobile users is the combat strategy game Clash of Clans. This free app allows users to create their own custom village, putting them in charge of everything from collecting resources to raising an army. This game features both single player and multiplayer modes, with the multiplayer mode allowing users to test their skills against thousands of other users online.

Clash of Clans currently stands as one of the top grossing iPad games in 122 countries, as cited on the Supercell website. This app is also available for iPhone users and is amongst the top free gaming apps available on that platform as well.

2. Boom Beach

Another hit game from Supercell, Boom Beach, can be viewed as the tropical version of Clash of Clans. In this game users are given an island upon which to develop a stronghold. Unlike Clash of Clans, set during a time period in which barbarians and Vikings roamed, Boom Beach is a World War II-era strategy game.

Screen shots from the gameplay show soldiers decked out in olive drab huddled together in boats just before they storm the beach of an enemy strong hold. Weapons such as battle ships and troops armed with rifles are all at your disposal as you attack enemies in single player or multiplayer modes.

Despite its similarity to its more established predecessor, Clash of Clans, both of these apps have found independent success as Boom Beach has quickly joined it on the top charts.

3. Flappy Bird: New Season

Everyone’s favorite pixel bird is back, as Flappy Bird: New Season has filled the void left by the original game. Users will find the game to be very similar to that of the original Flappy Bird, as the map and gameplay remain largely the same. The game’s description suggests an improvement in terms of glitches and a cuter bird character to enjoy. This game represents the most successful attempt to follow up the original, as it has climbed to five on the top chart for free apps.

4. Tiny Frog

Once again, we have a small animal as the main character and another hit game in the form of Tiny Frog. As the title suggests, users take control of a small amphibian that is challenged with the task of crossing a dangerous river via Lilly pads. By simply tapping the screen users can time the frog’s jumps to line up with his changing environment.

The combination of cartoonish graphics and challenging gameplay allows this application to appeal to a broad range of users. This is reflected in its success, as Tiny Frog also sits toward the top of the free application chart.

5. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

This mobile fishing simulator gives users the excitement of catching a variety of different fish in numerous exotic locations. Armed with customizable fishing rods, users are able to measure themselves against global leaderboards as they seek a big catch. The gameplay offers a surprisingly real fishing experience as you are forced to battle hooked fish in a test of will and coordination. Realistic movements and graphics add to the excitement, as each big catch looks like the real deal.

Interested users can find this application in its place at the top of the charts along with the aforementioned hits.

The top application charts have seen a combination of familiar faces and surprising new comers in 2014. Amongst these apps is a collection of mobile games that offer users a variety of unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.