Top 5 Businesses (Industries) Where You Need Commissioning Software

With the advancements in technology today, project and commissioning managers now can easily deliver accurate and excellent results. Commissioning software is at the center of helping these experts to do their work perfectly.

Just to refresh your memory, commissioning software is a computerized system that is fed with data from the beginning of the project to the end. The software analyzes the data and provides reports with the aim of identifying challenges, risks and possible solutions for the project. The software is supposed to improve the quality of the project results and facilitate a smooth handover to the owner. Commissioning software is useful in different industries as we will see below.

Real Estate Construction

Building houses, whether commercial or residential, can be a big project that involves a lot of financial input from investors. The scope of the work is also large, and the commissioning work is engaged from the start. There is no better way to keep track of all the activities than using reliable commissioning software.

The commissioning manager works closely with other managers to get the data that is needed. Since they act as the auditors of the overall project, then they need to obtain the data from the beginning. The main work starts before the handover. They have to prepare a report entailing all the processes from the start to the end. The software will make all this easy for them.

Road Engineering

Whether the project involves building a simple road, a long stretch of highway or bridges, the commissioning software should be a crucial part of it. When the project is completed, the commissioning team is expected to justify the quality, account for the materials used and hand over the road to the relevant authorities.

The software improves the quality of road engineering projects by creating checkpoints and identifying what to check. It also helps the commissioning team to brief the investors and relevant authorities on milestone progress as well as in the final handover.

Mechanical Industry

This industry deals with the construction of various machinery intended to do some work once it is completed. Have you ever wondered how industries with giant machines are set up? It is a project that takes some time to complete and test for usability. They also use commissioning software that can map and track the completion of different phases of the overall project, keep all data and provide a handover report.

In such mechanical industries, the commissioning team should have hands-on knowledge about the project since they may also be required to train the operations team when they come on board. The commissioning software should, therefore, be smart enough to keep all the necessary data needed for the handover.

Mining Industry

Commissioning for a mining project is crucial since the operations team need to understand the technical part of the project. Setting up the machines and processing factory is usually done in collaboration with experienced commissioning experts who takes advantage of the commissioning software. It is involved in data collection from the beginning of the construction to the end.

Quality, safety and productivity are the main key concerns of the software before handing over to the operations team. When done according to the standards and checklist, the last phase before handing over will be smooth. The commissioning manager will use the reports from the software to write a handover report to the operations.


This sector requires installation of various infrastructure like the signal masts, fiber optic cables and installation of other devices in people’s homes. A commissioning software comes in handy when it is integrated into early enough so that all stages can run smoothly. Collection and analysis of data is necessary not only for the sake of handover, but also to anticipate any challenges and get solutions to them in telecommunication industry.


Some projects that are too detailed must take advantage of the smart commissioning software. This software is now smart and can be automated to some extent. Some of the software programs can send emails and alerts to specific people to give them an update. Others are synchronized with other technology used in the project to harvest data without human input. All in all, commissioning software is necessary for any mega project out there.