Things To Know Before Buying TV in 2015

There is never a good time to buy a TV. These days all you need is to have your pockets full to buy a 50” LCD TV with a starting price of Rs. 27633. Brands like Sony and Panasonic have outshine the boundaries in terms of performance and other brands falling into your budget.

This feature tells you about which TV is perfect for your space and what will be your best buy for 2015.

There are different types of TVs in the market with different technologies. Each TV has their own pros and cons like LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV. Let’s know them better.


LED TV: These TV are backlit by an array of LEDs behind the screen of the TV. LED TV enable localised dimming that allows the adjacent areas of brightness and darkness to be displayed with best results.  

These TV are more power efficient and are more capable with number of color gamut.

OLED TV: It is said that OLED TV gives better colors with high contrast and makes the screen very flexible. OLED TV’s have been introduced in 2014 so they are new and expensive as well.

The backlighting on OLED TV is achieved by passing electric current through electroluminescent film.

Plasma TV: The plasma display panel comes with glass panels that contains millions of tiny cells with inert gases. Plasma is any day better than LCD when it comes to contrast and color accuracy that is only viable with 42” screen.

What resolution you should buy?

HDTV’s: The HDTV’s comes in two resolution and includes at least one HDMI port and component video inputs and a 1024*768p. While, the full HDTV comes with a higher resolution of 1920*1080p.

Ultra HD and 4K

The Ultra HDTV’s has a resolution that is four times higher than a full HDTV with 3640*2160p resolution. It gives more detailed picture whose content that requires more bandwidth and storage space.

While the 4K TV displays much clarity and a higher pixel density allows you to get closer without the grid like structure. All the 4K Ultra HDTV are more than 50”.


32” TV: Ideal for Small Space

Your room cannot take a TV that is bigger than a 32” TV that makes this size best for your living space. At this size, you can buy a LCD TV. If we move ahead, a 40-42” is the most innovative launch in the television segment.

This size offers the best value both in terms of screen size and price as well.

50-55” TVs: For a Cinematic Experience

A 50-55” TV enables you to experience a cinematic experience. This screen size was dominated by full HD models and now is being overrun by the Ultra HD 4K models. The year 2014 welcomed the first batch of 50” LED backlit panels off the production line.

What other things you should look for?

Contrast: Bright white should not have a sign of green or pink in them. Black should look solid and should not be washed out grey and blue.

Color’s: Colours should be bright and solid and should have noiseless edge. Before buying TV, you should check for ghosting and bright halos especially around curves.

Sound: For best audio, your TV should be comprise of surround sound system. A great TV should throw sounds to both sides to give a dimension to it’s screen.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for a new TV is a great experience.This feature helps you clear all confusion with impartial information. All you need is to analyse all details and understand basic features of each TV so that you can buy a new set with a sound decision.

About the author:- Binu is experienced consumer electronics expert and technical blogger at Zopper, which is first hyper-local mobile marketplace in India that enable users to buy products from local retail stores. She constantly following consumer electronics & home appliances related news from last 3 year.Find her on google+