The Teen Slasher, Until Dawn releases on August 25th

Over the past couple years, the video game industry has begun to experience a shift from store bought games to download online versions. That brings an entirely new experience for the players and a new way for video game companies to make money. Most games downloaded from the internet are in the form of downloaded versions. They can be apps and many times those are free, but that in no way means that video game companies aren’t making money off of them. Most apps or downloadable games that are free to download off the internet have many options for in-game purchases. Examples of that is a purchase with real money for extra supplies in shooting games while the player is on a delicate mission.

Well, this time, we are introducing a new game that is called Until Dawn, and it will be released on August the 25th of the current year. You can pre-order the game via Amazon, the game costs $59.99. As it seems, June 24th was first set as the release date of this popular video game, but things changed. The real release date is set for August the 25th. European countries are expected to get the game on August the 26th, and UK on August the 28th.

The information was revealed by Pete Samuels, who is the executive producer at Supermassive Games.

The game itself starts with a scene of a gloomy cottage where a few friends got together, but things suddenly become different and panic comes into the picture. People are being dragged, you see clear fear in their eyes, and you can literary feel the anxiety that fills up the area around you. The game, of course, ends with a classic sentence that goes something like this: Only your choices will determine who survives and who doesn’t.

If you preorder the game, you will have the option to unlock the special bonus for free. That scene is related with Emily and Matt, a new couple who find themselves on the mountain, but soon they begin to suspect that they are not alone as they first thought.

If you are eager to see a glimpse of the new release, you can always check out the new trailer, and see how it feels. Also, you can always browse through the online games news, and read about all the interesting facts which sometimes unexpectedly leak.

There are many reasons why this kind of games is so popular now. Play stations always had massive popularity, and they had something special to show. These games keep people interested, and simply glued to the screen.

With this way of gaming that is developed in the eye of both developers and players, it is good for both. It keeps players interested longer and helps developers because they may have more time to develop better story lines and have them as add-ons.

Nowadays everything is possible, who knows perhaps we’ll get to see some wearable technology emerge from this particular game that will see the light of the day, sometime in future.



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