The 7 Best Apps for Your Tween Daughter

Is your tween daughter, like, driving you nuts with her requests for her own cell phone? You don’t have to give in yet, but you can allow her to familiarize herself with the world of smartphone ownership under your strict supervision.

Here are seven smart, safe apps to download for your tween-aged girl, apps that are not just practical and educational but also so much fun that you’ll feel good about letting her play with your phone whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or visiting relatives at addiction rehab centers.

1. Glee Karaoke

What tween girl doesn’t smile and sigh over the antics of the William McKinley glee club each week on the hit Fox show “Glee”? Since she’s undoubtedly already downloaded all of the “Glee” singles, give her this great spin on the show’s central concept, allowing her to rock out to the songs as a karaoke singer. It’s a great app to use with friends.

2. Hotel Dash Deluxe

Tween girls are addicted to drama, don’t you know, but there’s a healthier outlet for those raging girl hormones than fighting with her best friend. The Hotel Dash Deluxe invites your tween to manage the goings-on at a typical hotel, with all the chaos and drama that everyday life there entails.

3. iBooks

Every parent who’s ever encouraged their child to read will love this app, which allows kids to download their favorite books to a convenient electronic “library” where they can browse for reading material. This app is ideal for long road trips, and because your smartphone screen glows in the dark, your child can read long into the night.

4. Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Few kids will grow up to be Betsey Johnson, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pretend to be just like here. This app allows tweens to create their own fashion looks on both male and female models, putting together different tops, jackets, dresses and accessories.

5. Celebrity Makeup Looks

Tween girls love celebrities, and they’ll love the chance to do the makeup of their favorite stars with this creative app. Give Lady Gaga a makeover or chop off Paris Hilton’s hair!

6. Cut the Rope

Logic meet silliness in this hugely popular app, which requires a bit more skill than Angry Birds. Your daughter must figure out how to feed a cute little alien by cutting different ropes in different ways to deliver the food.

7. Spinart

Remember Spirograph, the geometric drawing toy that was all the rage in your youth? Your daughter will love the high-tech version, Spinart, which allows her to create all sorts of fun patterns with variables including different lighting and dozens of crazy colors.