How to start your career as SAP ABAP consultant?

In order to start a career in SAP ABAP< you need to know the basics of the tool. ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It runs in the SAP ABAP runtime background. It has been created and has been made use of by the SAP development. Some application programs include –

  • User Exits and BADI
  • Forms
  • Data Conversions
  • Interfaces
  • Reports
  • Module Pool Programming

ABAP has been defined as an event-driven programming language. ABAP/4 is another name for the same software. It is said to be the fourth generation language. The ABAP workbench consists of the following components –

  • The ABAP Directory is used in order to maintain the objects in the dictionary.
  • The ABAP Editor is used for maintaining the programs in offer.
  • The Menu Painter is used in order to develop the GUI or the Graphic User Interface. This includes toolbars and bars.
  • A Data Modeller is used for supporting the graphical modelling of the system.
  • Test and Analysis tools – Used for the syntax check and for the debugger.
  • Repository Browser – The browser is used for depositing the ordered edifice of all the mechanisms of the package.
  • The Workbench Organiser – It maintains all the multi-tasking aspects of the software like multi developments and distribution fields.

Reporting is vital when it comes to the database management software. Types of reports are –

  • Classical Reports: These reports do not allow a lot of interaction by the user.
  • Ad Hoc Query or the SAP ABAP Query: This tool is mainly used in the HR Module of the database. Based on the different i/o parameters, the software tool allows the user to project dissimilar queries.
  • Interactive Reports: Unlike the classical reports, the interactive reports allow user interaction. This makes it easy to produce a detailed secondary list of the basic one. But more data is requested to perform this task.

In Ad-hoc Queries, the transaction code used is as follows –

  • SQ03 – Maintain User Groups
  • SQ02 – Display Info Set
  • SQ01 – Query Maintenance

Three different kinds of reports are provided by the Ad-hoc query –

  • Ranked List – A ranked list is used for the maintenance of Analytical Reports
  • Statistics – Average, percentage, etc. are part of the statistical functions. This is vital.
  • Basic List – This list consists of only simple reports and data.

Data Entry

The data can be transferred from one SAP system to the non-SAP system. Manual entries are primarily used for the data transfer. You can transfer data from various systems at different stages of the operation. This depends on the type of data being transferred and the volume of the data.

Starting a career in SAP ABAP is not very simple; it is a niche skill to possess. Companies are waiting to hire the best SAP ABAP experts. If you want to become an expert, then perhaps you should take the SAP ABAP tutorial for beginners. Practice the test papers and read experts’ views on the SAP ABAP interface to know everything pertaining to the tool. Over practice, you will be able to reach great heights in your career.