Sony’s luxurious Xperia Z – Hopefully the right Smartphone

SONY”S Luxurious and super impressive device with premium design and interesting features – which can be termed as Sony Xperia’s real James Bond phone rather than Xperia T. Sony Xperia Z is company’s first device which has a full HD mobile display screen. This phone has great features starting from its weight and industrial casing and bigger edge-to-edge display screen to the high-end Exmore RS sensor and Brava Engine 2. Sony Xperia‘s marketing team has lot positive and good things to talk about this Xperia Z Smartphone.


Sony has a new Engineering art in for Xperia Z with a compact dimensions due partially to the use of on-screen navigational buttons, allowing for thinner 7.8 mm bezel, and the rest to the skeleton frame. The 5-inch screen display with 1080p is the most impressive feature on the Xperia Z due to its point sharp, closer to the edges of the device, coming with a post-400 PPI and offering some interesting contrast ratios. It can be felt in the hand and at the same its light like a feather. It is also water and dust resistant and has bright chances to survive even if it slips from your hand. It has a premium glass material for the chassis with a purple color and has a full suite of ports including microSD one and has placed the round metal lock/power key right under thumb on the side as per the ergonomic standards.


Sony claim Xperia Z is water resistance smart phone. But no smartphone today is completely water-proof, but Sony says the Xperia Z provides the highest levels of resistance among high-end smartphone.



The 5-inch Full HD display Smartphone with high pixel density has 1080×1920 pixels and 441 ppi count with the Mobile BRAVIA Engine which makes the Xperia Z future-proof for 2013. The high pixel density reduces border jaggies in text and small detail as compared to current high-end HD screens making reading less tiring as it has to spend less effort to recognize the letter because of its bigger display and shorter border. To add to its feature these Full HD screens are no threat to its battery life.

Processor, memory and battery:

The Sony Xperia Z‘s impressive qualities are more than skin deep. The 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro is driving the phone’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Software which is also powering some of the best Android handsets. For the first time Sony has introduced 2 GB of RAM and has integrated a 16GB flash memory chip with a microSD slot. Being a global Smartphone it works on GSM network and can connect on 3.5/4G HSPA + infrastructure for quick data access. It has a high capacity 2,700mAH battery.


Another very interesting aspect of the phone is that to shoot images this Smartphone features a 13 MP camera with a backside illuminated sensor. The camera has a useful HDR of Exmor RS variety and can even take still shots under low light photography and takes less space.

Overall, Sony has introduced an impressive phone which is best in the niche class. And may this is the reason why Sony is the 2nd largest Android maker after Samsung and this could the most compelling handset.