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It’s Simple and Easy to Be a Video Publisher; But Are You Ready?

It was a general notion, until now, that to be a video publisher one needed to have a commercial and creative acumen.  It was always better if one had prior experience in the concepts of video graphy and editorial skills.  People never thought of videos as anything more than an entertainment tool.

However the perception has changed in today’s highly versatile business environment. Organizations today focus on enhancing their communication channels, be it internal or external. The business structure has become such complex that, any communication gap would be a disaster in terms of revenue loss, and for mission critical processes it can even cause life loss. In order to overcome this challenge, organizations today have changed their communication methods and encourage everybody to participate in idea sharing, actively.

Video Publisher

It is widely accepted in today’s world that, visual management is the best method of communication and learning, as it leaves no gap in terms of information transmitted on targeted audience. In order to harness this huge potential, video publishing by every employee is encouraged by the organization as it lends capabilities of real-time information sharing. It is always better to have a technology, which helps to convert an idea into a visually appealing video, and share instantaneously. The impact of such a hi-tech environment will be tremendous.

Gone are those days, when huge cost was incurred to make a professional level video, as there was no suitable platform available to make the task easier. Complex tools had to be used to edit videos and make them presentable. Users today have the power of advanced platforms on which they could create high quality informative videos with a few clicks, drags and swipes.  Interactive platforms empower the user with advanced features, which helps to create an impactful content.

Speech search is one such feature, where the viewer can arrive at the specific point of the video by just speaking out keyword for that portion.  An employee working in a dynamic environment may feel the need to share a videoed idea about a product or process instantaneously to a colleague; this is facilitated through an internal, central video library, easily.

The maker can easily make the video informative by putting contents, key extracts and highlights. From the viewpoint of organizational safety it is foolproof, as all the videos published goes to a central internal server, from where they are distributed to the intended user. The server may be programmed to modulate the distribution of the video by assigning user rights. In this way an employee sharing important product information to fellow colleague is encrypted and secure.

In today’s corporate culture, employee empowerment through quality training is the most important human resource activity. Businesses spend lot of moolah on this, in terms of set up, hiring an expert trainer, making everybody available for the training, getting training feedback etc. These expenses can be brought down and effectiveness boosted by the power of video publishing.

Here’s how to do it. The organization may hire an expert once, make a robust informative and interactive video easily and distribute them to the intended users throughout. The content of the video may be easily segregated in terms of beginner, intermediate and expert level, so that a trainee may choose to navigate to the module of his/her choice easily. Feedback mechanisms like Q/A module may be designed to improve the training effectiveness. The entire module can be stored indefinitely for future use. Also, the same may be used during corporate video presentations by synchronizing with power point, to make an impactful delivery.