Showcase Your Business with Vinyl Banners

Unlike indoor banners, outdoor ones are reluctant to undergo several tough conditions such as wind, weathering, sunlight, etc. To persist in such kind of tough environment, Vinyl Banners for Sale is likely to fit in your requirements which is less expensive, durable and eye-catching as well.

Knowing Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are comprised of two products- scrim or polyester mesh and vinyl. Measured in units call deniers, the linear mass density of the mesh fiber provides added strength. A higher denier count for the mesh generally indicates smooth scrim vinyl. A typical banner mesh generally rages from 150 to 1000 deniers.

The most commonly used material is known as PVC. Liquid vinyl is produced from several chemicals namely polyvinyl chloride and some kind of plasticizer which are used as softening agents to provide more flexibility.

Banner material is manufactured in two ways- laminated and coated or dipped. In coated/dipped process the polyester mash is fed through a coater that dips/covers the scrim in a hot vinyl mixture containing a plasticizer. In the case of the other process, two vinyl layers are laminated altogether around a scream mesh.

Several types of vinyl banners are present there.

  • Digitally printed banners

These are printed with water-based (aqueous), eco-solvent, solvent-based inks or UV curable inkjet inks. Apart from aqueous ones, all three types contain durable pigments that provide UV-fading or weather resistance.

  • Vinyl lettered banners

They are produced by applying individual elements cut from self-adhesive vinyl using a computer-driven vinyl banner. With the advent of large format printing these banners have become outdated and least favored one.

  • Screen printed banners

Manufactured using screen printing, different colors are laid down one at a time using screens comprised of an imaged stencil, through which screen-printing ink passes. Screen printing is used extensively for large quantities of the same banner as these are cost-effective and at the same time, meets the standard of digitally printed banners.

  • Painted banners

One of the most primitive modes of producing banners. In this method, hand-printed graphics and lettering are used. Since the advent of the modern printing method, these types of banners have become out of fashion.

Applications of Vinyl Banners

This kind of banners has numerous applications and uses. Due to their durability and easy portability, these banners can be seen everywhere. Most commonly they are used to promote a company’s logo or a special event for a team, school or organization. Vinyl banners are generally seen as table banners, billboards, building banners, trade show banners, street banners, festival banners, and stadium flags.

Several companies are present in the market that offers Vinyl Banners For Sale. They come in number of ranges and are cost-effective that will draw the attention of the customers and increase your business.