Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Get ready for bang!

Few months ago, the most awaiting smartphone of the year 2015 was the Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge. Samsung has already revealed the S6 Edge couple of months ago, and the phone is actually doing well if we study at the market stats. But it is not enough; as the king of Samsung smartphone is going to come, yes the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the only most awaiting smartphone with pending release.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge support single SIM and on other hand have everything that you need in a smartphone. A little later in our market will be another model that will have the support of two SIM-cards on the board. However, it is an ordinary Galaxy S6 Duos), which will have 64 GB reserved for storing data. On the version with a curved screen and two “SIM cards” yet unknown, but in a survey fans have already declared that the original Galaxy Note 5 should come up with the dual SIM, but for sure Samsung would first launch the single SIM version and later DUOS version would be launched it is because of Samsung’s market strategy, which targets user to keep their interest in the same product with little differences.

And that’s not all. More recently, the Korean company announced the start of sales of a special version of the smartphone in color with the brand name “noble emerald.” color itself carries no special bonus and it’s just different. And the price of this special version Galaxy S6 is actually touching the sky. However, if Samsung wants to preserve its big market share then it has to look upon the pricing of Galaxy Note 5, and the price is now most vital factor. The Chinese manufacturers are actually eating the market share of big brands with just one power i.e. low price. No doubt, they are also providing the premium experience but still, to reach the smoothness offered by Samsung phones is till far away for them.

But there are few things that would actually make the Note 5 as verdict, which include the marvelous display of 5.7 inches and probably it is going to be the first 4K-display in the smartphones. And we don’t think so, if any Android tablets even having the 4K-resolution display. May be other brands would call the Samsung as freak, but they don’t know, Samsung is actually keeping the people interested in its product. And no doubt, a big group of smartphone fans would actually talk about the 4K-resolution display, if Samsung bet on it. However, this display is question since the launch of Galaxy Note 4, and Samsung would definitely come up with something, may be not now, or in near future. The display won’t be only factor in the success of Galaxy Note 5, as we could have 4GB RAM and 16-core processor as well.