Ramped up security system in gated communities

There was a time when the gated communities were exposed due to poor security systems. They were not preferred by home owners. Now, with the sense of bonding, coupled with the need to be safe, has seen many developers adding ramped up security systems in gated communities they make. This is a very important feature in many residential plots in north Bangalore. If you are considering making an investment in any gated community in Devanahalli or even Chikkaballapur then look for sites that will ensure safety and provide strong security systems.

Earlier issues with gated communities

When people bought plots in gated communities earlier, the fascination for a gate opening on its own as the car drives through was enough to feel secure. Well, there was a mere illusion of a security gate which was functional, but also let intruders in the same way as residents. Living in isolated villas became a veritable target for burglars to take a midnight chance to break in-with residents away on a vacation! The earlier builders expected the families to build their own security net.

But times have changed. New developers have realised that to attract new property owners they will have to ramp up the security. Hence, the current land for sale in North Bangalore, at least offers a full secure system to protect the families in the gated communities.

Security solutions for gated communities

Safety lies not only in interesting features like a self-opening gate, but also added features of security. Hence, the ramped up security solutions are bringing visitors back to buying villa plots in north Bangalore. The city is expanding its real estate in places like Devanahalli which is poised to be a grand residential hub in the next few years.  Security is now the reason why people prefer residential plots in North Bangalore. A few reputed developers have already started offering attractive services and amenities that a new age, household needs for a nuclear family’s safety. With features like CCTV surveillance, lifeguards at swimming pools, maintenance staff, watchmen and back up for all safety (even fire and electrical mishaps), the private gated communities are now on the rise. They offer a sense of neighbour and at the same time the villas are private enough for the family.

Where to invest in Bangalore’s growing gated communities? 

If you have already weighed the pros and cons and decided on opting for villa plots in North Bangalore, then do not get lured only by the scenic spot-lake, garden view or privacy. Once you have taken up the plot, look for the best security solutions on offer from the builder. This is the one make or break aspect that clinches the deal, as most developers are realising. Signing the deal for a plot of land in this part of the city will also be a useful investment because it is close to the rest of the city. This area is connected via good transportation outside. So it is not lonely, and one can get the best of both the worlds as a true price. Devanahalli and Chikkaballapur are now dotted with several options for gated community options. The locations offer access to safe living despite the growing crime rate in the city in selected pockets.  As the new international airport has opened up the realty sector foresees many residential opportunities to build on. The highway now stretches even towards Hyderabad from Hebbal to Devanahalli. Various commercial developments in the region have increased the prospects for property owners. Devanahalli will be the future hub for business and will offer ease of travel to people from their job location to the nearest gated community home. 

The shift towards ‘north Bangalore’ sentiment has also made Chikkaballapur another ideal ground for plots to be brought at reasonable prices. Currently the sentiment of buying a plot to be reinvested or even constructed is good enough to think about. With security being a top issue, the deal should be worth the investment.

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Samantha is a business architect in the real estate industry. She has 5 years of experience in this industry and has got huge knowledge on the various real estate projects like plots for sale in chikkaballapur. Connect to know more