RAID Data Recovery & HDD Regenerator – Expert Recommendations

HDD Regenerator is a program that is supposed to recover data from HDs in RAID system with bad sectors. There are several Youtube videos about it, but is it true?

Recovering a troubled RAID hard drive and raid reconstruction in nyc can be an expensive service in most cases. Because of this, many people search the Internet for easy solutions that supposedly worked to recover their data.

Youtube has many videos posted by amateurs teaching how to recover HD data at zero cost. Unfortunately, YouTube is an open platform where anyone can post just about anything they want. There are no moderators to check if the video information is true or not.

In this series, we’ll get to know some of the most popular topics and explain why they do not work.

HDD Regenerator

Almost all HD already come from the factory with some bad sectors. Knowing this, manufacturers reserve a certain number of sectors for remapping. When a bad sector is found, it is marked as bad. If it is possible to read, even if unstable, the information contained in it is copied to one of the reservation sectors. If it is unreadable, you have lost the data recorded in that sector.

When all backup sectors are used, bad blocks begin to appear on the hard drive. What the HDD Regenerator tries to re-read the bad sectors and marks them as if they are good. If it cannot, it marks them as faulty and removes them from the disk index. With this, the actual HD capacity will be slightly reduced as well, since they will be subtracted from the total disk capacity.

It will make multiple hits sequentially on bad sectors trying to “regenerate” them. This is where the big problem of this type of software is. If the media or read head is unstable, the program may make dozens or maybe hundreds of attempts before attempting to regenerate sectors. After a while, simply the HD may stop responding!

This type of data recovery tools are for only initial attempts. They are not all-in-one solutions.

Don’t open your HD

This tip is very important; you should never try to open the HD on your own! Unless you are a data recovery expert with a lot of experience and access to a clean room, you will almost cause more damage to your disk, no matter how careful you are.

When a HD is in operation, even a microscopic dust particle can have a catastrophic effect on your disk and destroy data that could be recovered by a specialist.

There are some people innocently opened the HD to try to “unlock the needle”, as shown by some videos posted on Youtube. To begin with, a HD has no needles; it has a read/write head.

When data loss occurs on RAID systems, you should consult a RAID recovery specialist at who will have the experience to recover your data. It is important that you see the credentials of the chosen company, verifying that it has already addressed similar cases. Renowned companies have many testimonials from clients served, who can help you in choosing the right company.