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Providing E-learning in Traditional Schools – Beneficial or Misfired?

In the last decade, eLearning has made commendable progress and one cannot deny the fact the concept of eLearning is indeed a new revolution in the world of education. Although the people who run traditional schools get rather concerned by the news yet if one looks more closely, eLearning does not intend to remove the traditional methods of learning. In fact, eLearning aims to provide as a supplement for the traditional method by being an option for the cases in which an individual cannot opt for the original form.

eLearning combined with school education

It is not a secret that eLearning seems to be more effective method of learning and noticing the positive inclination, not only have the school authorities inculcated eLearning in their teaching methodology but have also started providing eLearning courses. A newly established platform like eLearning poses no threat to a well-established methodology like classroom teaching. That is the reason why even the big universities like the Stanford and MIT have taken up eLearning as a medium of reaching out to a vaster audience across the world through this methodology.

If you are one of those people who own a school or college yourself but have not planned upon inculcating eLearning in your methodology yet, you probably should think again. It can be a profitable and a useful venture.

Here are some reasons why it is high time to start offering your own eLearning course:

  1. It poses no harm to your traditional teaching methodology

While the prime concern of the owner of an institution with regards to eLearning is that it can cause loss to their institution, in reality it is a much more profitable endeavor. Their ideology is that the students who opt for traditional courses (which are highly charged for) might opt for the eLearning ones and thus the number of students in traditionally taught courses will go down.

In reality, one needs to look at the broader picture and analyze that the students who take up classroom courses are different from the ones who opt for eLearning. They take eLearning because they are located far off from the institution or because they cannot afford the fees for schooling.

By not offering eLearning courses, you do not get benefitted but you do cut down on the profits that these eLearning courses could have brought you. Moreover, you can offer different courses from the ones you offer in traditional schooling to get rid of the fear of losing business.

  1. It does not need much investment

Since you are already in the traditional schooling business and know the costs of classroom based teaching, you will be shocked to see how low the costs for eLearning are. For a clearer picture, the amount of money that you invest in the furnishing and set up of a single classroom is enough to establish an eLearning technique for one course, irrespective of the number of students.

It short, it is much cheaper than the amount you otherwise invest and despite that it can take your business through the world with students from every corner enrolling in your course. Your cost per student in eLearning will always be much lesser than that in traditional learning.

  1. You are experienced in the field

It is obvious for anybody who understands education to know that the most difficult part of the learning methodology, irrespective of whether it is eLearning or not, is the dealing with students’ part. Since you already are in this field, you have enough experience of doing it.

Apart from that, every other skill like uploading material, managing your students and other technicalities can be learned within a single day. It is easier than your lectures for a course and you will be mastering the art once you step in. There are many platforms available in the market today to simplify the task for you.

  1. If not you, others will

If you do not take up the opportunity to provide the huge number of students out there with your eLearning services, there is no loss that they face as somebody else will come up with the idea and take the student that could have been yours. The market of eLearning is much more competitive than it seems.

Being in the business of traditional teaching simplifies the job for you but if you still stay at the back foot and do not step into this field, you will create the impression of being behind the times and not keeping pace with the changing educational scenario. The profit that you could have made goes in vain and so does the reputation of your institution that you could have created.

  1. It can also be a supplement to the traditional learning

If you are already running a traditional classroom education providing institute and you intend to get into the eLearning sector, you can have two advantages. Firstly, you get to enjoy the benefits of having a lot many eLearning students as well as classroom contact students. The profit doubles and the reputation becomes more remarkable.

Second profit is that you do not only help the students in distant parts of the world but also the ones who are in traditional learning by providing them more material for further help that is given to the eLearning students. You have a lot more tests, quizzes and other activities that the eLearning students undertake.

All in all, the indulgence of eLearning with traditional learning has till date bred only lots of advantages. Investing in the former if you are already involved with the latter will surely have a promising future for your organization without causing any damage to the working of your traditional learning technology. Although there are numerous other reasons, like the advantage that it will give to the society by providing a whole lot is students a chance to study at a well-established institution by paying minimal fees and by devoting the time that they are suitable with, but these mentioned above were some of the main motivational points to ponder upon. You just need to contact the best elearning company in India to design a workable course to help you in your endeavour.