Process of Removing “Powered By Bigrock.Com” From Email Footer

If you are doing online business, you should have a domain name for your business, a website and a blog as well. All these things are perfect, but if you’re still using a generic email address for your business-related email, then it’s not good for your brand reputation. It’s better to create your own domain-specific email account that includes your business name that will increase your brand visibility, and this way let the world know that you own a business. Your customers’ also feel comfortable doing business with you. Today, with a number of email hosting facilities it’s easy to create domain-specific email accounts.

Steps of Removing “Powered By” from Email Footer

It won’t look good that your hosting provider name appears on the email footer, for example: If it’s like “Powered by Bigrock.Com” on your email footer, you can remove it easily in few steps, listed below in points.

  1. First you have to log in to your webmail

  1. Now, Click on “Settings”

  1. Tick “Disable Footer” in the General tab

  2. Click on “Save” and it’s done

  3. Now you won’t see that message on email footer anymore

Things to Look for Before Choosing Email Hosting Provider

Business emails are highly useful for any business organization. The best part of it is that today you can easily setup an email if you already have a website. Today, email hosting services are offered by a number of hosting service providers. That is why it is important to look into while choosing the provider. You have to look for following features before choosing a service provider.

  • Email filtering features

  • Security features

  • Auto-responders

  • Exchange & web mail

  • IMAP/POP and SMTP Access

Opting for a professional email hosting service will improve the overall process, and help you to get the exact email hosting best suited for your company. They will also assist you in customizing emails that your company requires. Another benefit of choosing a personalized email account is that you will always be secure from hackers. With personalized email accounts all the important emails and business contacts will always be backed up and your system and stored safely. No, you don’t need to worry more about losing your emails within your own email system.

In the End

Many online business companies don’t know the impact of their email address for their clients. Most online businesses today are using personalized business email accounts, but still they are unaware of their benefits. It is important for them to understand the importance of how email communication is crucial to any business, and so the business email address.