March 4, 2021
knowing ideal size for Facebook posts

Posting smart by knowing ideal size for Facebook posts

Facebook is arguably today’s largest content management which has almost 2.27 billion average monthly users worldwide. Founded in 2008, Facebook has steadily grown and today presents an excellent opportunity to individuals and companies for marketing their content. Although Facebook is free to use, you need to know a few basic rules to make the most of the Facebook posts. Without this information you may struggle to keep your posts in adherence to the Facebook guidelines and standards and it may not look appealing. In this article you will get to know a few things about the ideal size of a Facebook post to generate highest engagement.

Ideal length of a Facebook text post

Text is the most common and effortless post that you can make on the Facebook. Many people do not pay much attention to it since they believe that whatever they write, will automatically be read by the people who they expect to read it. Nothing can be further from the truth. Facebook allows 63,206 characters as the maximum for a text based post which may seem like a great marketing opportunity. The trouble here is the attention span of people has decreased dramatically and therefore the lesser in this case is indeed the better. Experts suggest that your Facebook post should be between 40 to 80 characters to be of optimum engagement. You generate 88% more engagement if you follow the 40 to 80 characters limit and remember that longer posts anyways get cut off in the user feeds.

Ideal length of a Facebook Ad headline

Considering the fact that longer Ad headlines are automatically curtailed and displayed with ellipses the experts advise the Facebook Ad headlines to be kept short. As many as five words are ideal to make the perfect ad headline. The important aspect over here again is the visual appeal of the headline and getting the audience to click on them. You can also provide a clickable link for the user here as they won’t allow any links within the posts unless you have a paid advertisement campaign. Many people just share their homepage link and keep it as it is for an eternity. But you can change the links infinite times and so you must not be afraid to update it. You can mix it up by sharing the link of an event form, your testimonial page or product or service page according to relevance.

Ideal length of Facebook Ad body text

The Ad body text is the smaller text that shows up just above your ad image or video. The experts advise that it should be kept within 14 words for this purpose.

By following these guidelines you can ensure that your Facebook posts are well received by your audience. This will translate into action by them and bring you closer to your marketing goal.

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