PNR Status Android App

Tired of dealing with sluggish websites to check your PNR status? Stuck in an airport because your flight/train got delayed? Do you have to login every time you need to check on your travel info? Here’s a simple solution to all these problems. The PNR app from ixigo solves all these problems and more. Here is a list of what the app can do

  • It can review your trip status with automatic updates (the app can scan your inbox and help you manage, track and organise your trips)
  • Automatic PNR identification (no need to feed your PNR each time you log in)
  • Delay alerts for both flights and trains
  • You can also get flight web check-in alerts and reminders for when the web check-in opens.
  • Select your choice of seat through the flight web check-in service
  • Status alerts for your PNR
  • Smart reminders on pending bookings or check-ins
  • Paperless travel. All your fligh/train ticket details will be saved on the PNR status app
  • You can see all your PNRs on a single screen. No need to switch and toggle between various websites to check for your various PNR updates.

This smart and intuitive app totally saves your time by collecting all the relevant travel data onto a single platform. In case you don’t have the details of your PNR saved in your SMS, the details can be incorporated manually as well. Just fill in the details once, and you’re done. The app does the rest for you.

Your trips are categorized into two sections, viz., Previous and Upcoming Trips. The Previous Trips section, contains an archive of all your earlier travel plans, available to you on a single touch. The Upcoming Trips section gets automatically updated by the PNR status app at regular intervals. In case you have an Waitlist or RAC status on your ticket, the app keeps on checking your status and sends you a notification when your status changes. A similar process is followed with flight tickets. Notifications are sent out the minute your flight PNR status changes, or the web check-ins open. What’s more, you can select your choice of seat through the PNR status app, once you have checked in.

Other advantages of this app are:

  • It is well-optimised for slower connections
  • One tap access to your train booking SMS so you don’t have to waste your time searching your SMS inbox for the booking details or e-tickets.
  • File size is just 2 MB
  • Free of cost
  • Free of annoying advertisements.
  • Clean interface and quite simple to use.

Don’t think twice before downloading this app. It has been selected as one the top travel apps out there. With so many intuitive functions, easy-to-use interface and the smooth flow design makes this one of the perfect choices to make your travel smarter and hassle free. The ixigo PNR status app is an amazing one app solution for all your travel bookings. We give two thumbs up for this app. Get it at the Google Play Store now!

Author Bio:

This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about ixigo PNR status app. In order to make your trip hassle free use best Indian railway app, PNR status app and hotel app etc. Hope the information shared about the Pnr App may help to plan your trip.