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Novel and Scalable Cloud Server Hosting Optimizes Web Presence

Perpetually changing landscape of technology driven solutions are driving business processes. This cannot be more evident than the use of cloud computing in diverse verticals of businesses.

Cloud based technologies are spanning organizational operations across the globe and providing ease of accessing business critical data to streamline variety of domains.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server amazing benefits

In order to understand wide ranging advantages of cloud server hosting, it would be logical to know attributes of cloud servers. Unlike traditional servers, cloud servers are virtual servers that leverage cloud computing to run as software independent units.

It may be tempting to compare cloud server with a virtual private server. It should be noted that a VPS is positioned on a single physical server and a cloud server does not depend on a single machine for operation.

Obviously, a cloud server is devoid of a single point failure unlike a virtual private server. There is virtually no scope for a hardware failure in case of cloud server. This imparts better stability to cloud servers for enhanced business continuity.

Cloud servers offer far better performance than dedicated servers and are much more affordable than most of the traditional types of web servers. In addition to cost efficiency, cloud servers offer greater scalability and the resources can be scaled up instantly, even during traffic spikes.

Cloud server hosting involves cluster formation of networked cloud servers consisting of website hosting resources that can be provisioned to run web applications and websites. The most striking feature of the cloud cluster is uninterrupted availability of components due to presence of multiple components in a given network.

With absence of single point of failure, cloud hosting is regarded to be highly stable and reliable.

Small and medium sized enterprises may not afford dedicated IT resources, and these can certainly benefit from cloud hosting solutions, that are far more affordable with no need to invest heavily in capital equipment as well as technical manpower. With cutting edge resources of cloud servers, these businesses are able to concentrate on their core competencies.

The very purpose of any business is to achieve growth in revenues. Online businesses need to attract more and more visitors to their websites for conversions and business optimization. Growth in website traffic must be backed by assured scalability of vital resources. Cloud server hosting guarantees seamless scalability to fortify business growth.

This is especially true for middle and large sized enterprises that need to address demands of traffic surge due to seasonal bursts and special sales promotion activities. Many ecommerce organizations announce limited period promotions and without assurance of scalable resources, these activities may end up in downtime or server failure.

Cloud servers ensure on demand scaling up or scaling down of resources and ensure smooth business operations. In addition to cost efficiency, cloud server hosting can also improve dynamism, agility, and flexibility of organizations.

Cloud server hosting is often criticized for being less secure. Leading cloud solution providers undertake concentrated efforts to ensure safety of mission critical data.

It is always prudent to expect the unexpected; hence these vendors secure vital files pertaining to websites with advanced encrypting methods. These files can be instantly restored to establish business availability.

Unwavering availability of mission critical web applications is vital to online enterprises. Reputable cloud service providers, go all out to ensure redundancy of business applications.

Cloud hosting solutions- one for everyone

There are basically three types of cloud server hosting solutions available for websites with specific objectives. These are public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is the consequence of blending some of the vital features of public and private cloud hosting.

Cloud Server Hosting

In addition to this, reputed cloud hosts offer cloud storage and cloud Content Delivery Networks to cater to unique website requirements. Some of the most popular and robust cloud solutions are:

  • Cloud backup and storage

  • Cloud load balancers

  • Cloud bandwidth

  • Apps on cloud

Being a multi-tenant environment, public cloud server hosing offers amazing cost benefits. Customers can avail customized public cloud solutions that are backed by stringent adherence to security and compliance protocols. Availability of large number of redundant data centers ensure 100 percent uptime and assured CPU performance of websites hosted on public cloud servers.

Scalability in terms of expandable bandwidth and highly flexible storage improve ability of websites to face challenges of peak loads during special promotional events.

Private cloud server hosting is the preferred choice of organizations that are looking forward to assured security and superior flexibility of private environment. It is suitable for handling internal processes and storing mission critical data of organizations.

These tailor-made private cloud solutions protect confidential business data from intruders and empower organizations with vast pool of cloud resources to meet growing demands of expansion and other business operations. Enterprises are offered expert help from cloud hosting providers to design bespoke private cloud architecture to suit organizational objectives.

Clients of private cloud hosting services are offered self service portal to control and monitor Virtual Machines with ease. Auto scaling facilities of private cloud hosting provide immunity against constantly changing business landscapes.

Cloud server hosting has numerous features and service offerings for the business world. It is up to individual businesses to understand distinct features, advantages, and benefits of each of these cutting edge solutions to adopt a perfectly suitable plan.