New Additions To Pinterest

As one of the newest and hottest social sites, Pinterest is quickly gaining speed and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Just in 2013 alone, many new features have been already added and many more are rumored to be on their way. By giving their members more ways to find interesting information on topics they like or may like, the site is opening the doors for even more growth.

How Pinterest Works

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and have not used Pinterest, it’s a fun site to revel in the topics and interests that are intriguing to you. You can keep track of these interests by creating boards of photos and other media files. These collections are called pinboards, and the images can be shared and commented on. The idea is to find and share common interests with others through vivid images, taking what you like and adding it to your own boards or just commenting or “liking” images that you find.

New Pinterest Features

Pinners now have more access to information on items that they pin on many sites. Participating sites have added details to give pinners more on the items they like. For example, if a pinner is looking at movie titles, the site may offer movie pins that give ratings, actors, directors and more about the movie. The same is true with other products and even recipe pins.

Another change and addition to the service is the close-up view of pins. Now pinners can find and connect with more images and information about their favorite topics. Some examples of new features they will see are:

  • Related pins. Links to other pins from the same website or source.
  • Same pinner. Links to other pins from the same pinner or board.
  • Linked pins. You can see what other people who pinned one image also pinned.
  • Already pinned. One of the newest features is letting you know if you try to re-pin the same image.
  • Search for your pins. Another very new feature is the ability to search for pins that you already did on a certain topic or subject.

Pinning On The Go

One of their biggest announcements is that pinning is now available in mobile applications. Many mobile applications have added the “pin it” button. This means that even when you’re sitting somewhere like a clinic waiting room, you can pin an image, such as one for Liverpool plumbers, right from your phone. Just make sure you have the newest version of Pinterest to have access to this feature.

Since there seems to be something new coming out every few weeks for Pinterest users, who knows what the future may hold for those who love to pin!