What You Need To Know About Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is a term that refers to information that is not organized into a well-defined structure. Everything that thrives outside of a valid database is unstructured data. This includes all images and videos and log files created and collected by any sort of machine. This sort of data makes up about 80 percent of all collected data that is stored digitally. This massive number is due to the surge and sheer amount of data that is shared via social media, and other twenty first century advents. This has created a gap in knowledge about structured and unstructured data.

Unlocking unstructured data can be extremely beneficial across all industry boards. For starters, analysis of social media content (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in the form of transparent posts, and the analysis of sales support calls gives businesses a good view of how consumers are viewing their product and company in general. It is important for business to understand these things in advance so that they are able to respond promptly. This is the simplest way to prioritize customers and the make them happy with your service in the long run. This is also helpful in allowing the employees of the individual companies to give the customer exactly what they want and to tailor their sales approach.

One common strategy of making sense of unstrcutured data is Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is a part of text mining (analytics for written information) that analyzes linguistics and helps machines read different forms of vital texts. Any natural language processing software needs a consistent knowledge base, which includes dictionaries, thesauruses, and vast knowledge of extensive vocabulary.  Text mining and natural language processing are actually different in that they are used for different reasons, but are also often used together for the most powerful use of data analysis methods. Through using both simultaneously, businesses are able to analyze data and text that a human simply would not be able to do easily.

We need to embrace unstructured data, and understand how we can access them with the tools we have today. Companies can access unstructured data at a cost. It is a complex process and the value is, more often than not, worth it. Oftentimes businesses must have complex text, audio, and video analysis software that are customized for that particular organization. Individuals using the data management systems need training for this to make sure the most is being made of this software. It should be noted that there are laws that cover the management of unstructured data. This includes the amount of time that data has to be kept and how data should be managed if the company is a part of a lawsuit and the ignorance of these laws can be very serious and damaging to the image of your business.

Unstructured data is a very important tool that companies can use to understand their consumer and their targeted audience to the best of their ability. It is a very important component of modern business techniques. It can ultimately have a very positive impact on the health of your business.