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Moto G3 has something that will aspire you to buy it. Do you know why?

Moto G from the house of Motorola is no new name in smartphone market. In fact it is one of the most successful handset ever built by the company and not only this, a known name when it is about budget smartphones. Taking its predecessor ahead with an intention to compete with growing trend, company recently released its all new, Moto G3. Carrying the legacy to third generation, buyers this time had more expectations and believe us, company remarkably thundered the milestone.

Presented at an affordable price, Moto G3 gained commendable eyeballs but question here arise, what makes Moto G3 aspire people to buy it. We thought of giving it a close look and find out, what all this ‘Budget smartphone’ has to offer, apart from its low price tag? Though we can give the results in an instance but a hint, review of Moto G3 left us surprised. Let us have a look at its features that makes it walk a mile ahead.

Body and Grip

I always wondered what makes Mercedes, BMW and Audi models so expensive in comparison to other cars, and the answer can the material feels soft and looks class with durability (safety) uncompromised. I wished to experience once but never knew it’ll come through Moto G3.

The five-inch screen finds its accommodation amidst plastic designed body, which looks rich and feels smooth and classy. We understand hearing ‘plastic body’ might raise a question in your mind, but believe me it’s far better than what we saw in previous Moto G models of first and second generation. Apart from this another spectacular feature linked with body comes with IPX7 water resistance with gorilla glass taking care of durability. Let you Moto G3 fall from height, screen is safe while a meter of depth in water for around 30 minutes wont crew the internal parts and functioning.

Your-fie or their-fie with remarkable camera

People are simply obsessed with selfie concept and also we have those who like taking snaps of world around and making videos, so as to distribute them among friends through whatsapp or facebook. Loaded with 13-megapixel camera at the rear panel Moto G3 houses a dual LED CCT flash to make your gallery gleam with photographs and videos. The high definition camera is capable of creating 1080P videos with 30 frames per second. Not only this loaded at the front is a 5-megapixel camera to make your video chat and selfie shots look better than any other smartphone in this range.

Catch the speed

After having a look at the outer body of Moto G3, it’s time to get a little close and see how Moto G3 performs. This third generation smartphone though brings beneath its body a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor CPU but performance wise can compete with any other high-end smartphone. Reason behind this is innovative approach that come by optimizing the Android 5.1 Lollipop and thus bringing to cent-percent of hardware; believe us it’s not so common and this turn to be a major reason behind the glorifying achievements and accolades of Moto G3. With these spectacular engineering works the third-generation Moto G can run approximately 15 applications with its 2 GB, without freezing your phone. Awakening phone isn’t a tough time consuming task and is ready to serve you as fast as light, making it all work with a blink.

Specially for you in Moto G3

Everyone on this planet wants to be unique (though with the same stuff). Maybe this is why people, especially the teenagers opt the modification process (this includes individual and his/her assets). Moto G3 keeps this in mind and brings for its buyers, a new roof to customize their smartphone in the way it suits them best and yes at no extra cost. So chose the color you want over the body of your Moto G3, get the storage and RAM enhanced to take the performance a step ahead.


Currently priced at INR 11,999 and INR 12,999 (8 GB and 16 GB model respectively), the Moto G3 is undoubtedly a leader of its class. Offering you look, smooth touch, durability, water resistant body, powerful and speedy performance, and this all with an option to get your handset customized at no extra cost. So rounding up this entire study and answering our question that we started with; what aspires you to buy Moto G3, we would say, it has everything that you really won’t expect in a handset (especially the one coming from reliable series) of this price range. We would say, go ahead and give it a try. You have all rights to save your pennies while buying your smartphone and to save your time while operating it.

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