Mobile Goes Wherever the Consumers Go

Those of you who browse the web on your mobile device on a daily basis may have noticed an advertisement or two that may appear to be a little too relevant. Maybe you’re on a bus or a train into the city, and you see an ad offering a certain percentage off in a store you may or may not have considered visiting that day. Why waste such a good offer? Chances are, you paid a visit to the aforementioned store, bought something, and received a nice little discount on top of that. Well that, my friend, is the power of advertising. The infographic below shows that clothing is at the top of the advertisers list in that particular sub vertical, and their main goal is to get you to their store either in person or online – something they managed to achieve in the above scenario, and quite possibly it has happened to you too.

The infographic below also shows that 55% of retail and restaurant advertisers’ goals are to drive customers to their locations, whether online or in-store. In short, if you’ve ever seen an advertisement for the new seasonal burger at one of the top fast food franchises while you were on your way into town, chances are they’re utilizing the location based targeting abilities that some mobile advertising networks have available to advertisers looking to have a presence on mobile devices. Though this method may seem a little intrusive, the advertisers overall goal was to make you aware of the new type of burger that’s available in their restaurant, and if you took notice you’re probably a little intrigued as to how the burger tastes – BOOM, ADVERTISING!

source: Mobile Marketing Trends from the Millennial Media November 2012 S.M.A.R.T.™ Report

It’s not only about targeting certain people depending on their location, it’s also about convenience. With the entire web at your fingertips, with a few taps on the screen you could be shopping for that must have Christmas outfit while you’re getting the kids ready for school, or you could be stocking the fridge while in the middle of cooking dinner.

Retail and restaurant advertisers have been amongst the top spenders for around a year and a half now since the rise of the smartphone, and with 61% of advertisers using location based targeting (two out of three of those being restaurants) it really does pay off. If you’ve ever been on a long road trip and needed a place to eat, chances are you’ve found a nice place to eat thanks to location based targeting that the restaurant has included in their ad campaign.