Manage PST Files Using PST Merge

Outlook creates PST files which are used to store the calendar entries, messages and other items. With the growing popularity of Outlook, tools for resolving issues associated with it are gaining quick acceptance in the online market. Here, we are going to have a look on PST Merge, one such program that helps manage multiple PST files.


It is a result oriented tool that helps you to manage PST files created by Outlook. Using the software, one can save data from multiple Outlook Data Files into one making the management easier. So let’s have a look at the features of the product first.

Features Of The Software

The software is built with an impressive range of functionalities. Some of the capabilities noted while working with the software are:

  1. Three Different Ways Of Merging

For merging small PST files into a large file, three different options are provided by the software:

  • Join multiple PST files

  • Merge multiple PST files

  • Merge contact folders only

  1. Removes Duplicate Items

The presence of duplicate items increases the size of PST files unnecessarily. The software allows you to remove duplicate items by checking the option to remove duplicate. However, if you want the duplicate items to be present in the resultant PST file, you can leave the option to remove duplicate as it is.

  1. Exclude Deleted Items

The deleted items are generally of no use. Hence, it is simply wastage of time to recover deleted items and merge. The software provides you options to either include or exclude the deleted items at the time of merging the PST files.

  1. Add Folders To Merge PST Files

The tool is provided with an option to add folders to merge PST files for the convenience of the users. If a folder contains a large number of PST files, then there is no need to add files one by one, rather you can add entire folder to be merged.

  1. Save The Resultant File At Desired Location

After merging the PST files, the resultant file can be stored at any specific location for the ease of the user to find the file. A new folder can be created to save the resultant file from the panel of the software.

  1. Provides Summary Report

A summary report is provided by the software at the start and completion of merging. The report contains the name of PST file, number of PST files, total item count, duplicate item count and merge status.

Working Of The Tool

Testing Environment: Testing of the software with its demo version is shown here. The working of the demo version is exactly same as that of licensed version but certain limitations are applied to it. The demo version will:

  • Join first two folders on selecting Join PST File option.

  • Merge first 15 items when merge Outlook PST files option is selected.

  • Merge first 15 contacts on selecting Merge Outlook Contacts.

STEP1: Download, install and launch PST Merge. The welcome Window will open as shown in figure.

PST Merge1

STEP2:Click on Add File, if you want to add PST files one by one or click on Add Folders to add an entire folder to be merged. The software scans the files and folders and displays the file name and its path.

PST Merge2

STEP3: Three options are provided by the software to merge PST files like Join, Merge and Merge Contacts. A user can select any option according to convenience.

PST Merge3

STEP4: In the Advance Options, a user can select the checkbox provided to exclude the deleted items.

PST Merge4

STEP5: Click on Browse button to provide the destination location to save the resultant PST files.

PST Merge5

NOTE: You can even create a new folder to save the resultant PST file from the panel of the software.

STEP6: Click on Merge PST Filesin order to start the process.

PSt Merge6

STEP7: On completing the process, the software will display a message. Click on OK in order to close the software.

PST Merge7

Quick Tips For Working With The Software

Here are some quick tips using which you can take maximum benefits from the software

  • Using the software a large size PST file is created combining small PST files.

  • The resultant PST file formed is in UNICODE format.

  • There is no size issue with the resultant file.

  • The output file will be obtained according to the selected merge option.

  • You can increase the efficiency of the software by selecting options to remove duplicate and deleted items.

Particulars about theBuyers Of The Software

Outlook is being extensively used today. It has covered about 85% of the total market. The main reasonbehind the popularity of Outlook is its advanced features and interactive interface. It is broadly used for sending, receiving and storing emails. Business executive, students and entrepreneurs uses Outlook in day to day life. Whenever Outlook comes into the picture, PSTfiles are created and PST Merge finds its utility. It helps in managing the large number of PST files by combining them into a large sized file so that it becomes manageable.

Practical Description About The Software

Specification Of The Software

The software is supported by Windows 8 and all below versions. It is secured with Norton and McAfee. The current version of the tool is 3.2 with a size of 7.6 MB. In order to work with the software, you need to have Outlook installed in your local machine and properly configured.

How To Get The Software

Entire detail about the purchase of the software is available on the website. You can get the product either online or offline. In online purchase you can download the software as soon as the formalities are done. The software can be used within few minutes of payment. In offline purchase you can get the software either through a purchase order or through reseller.

Help And Support

The software is professionally created with latest technology and concept. Therefore, it is quite easy to work efficiently with the tool. However, if you face any difficulty you can get the solution through live chat and email options. All your queries will be handled effectively by the Technical Support Team.

Feedback Form

On downloading the software, its users are redirected to a feedback form where they need to provide their email id so that any upcoming feature or news about the software will be provided to them. The form also contains a link for chat with the expert.

Special Offer With The Software

Certain offers are associated with the software in which the price of the tool is reduced to an extent. Moreover, OST recovery software is offered along with PST Merge so that the entire issues related to Outlook can be removed.

Is It Worthy To Spend On The Software?

PST Merge helps to merge Outlook PST files together to form a large Unicode PST file. The resultant PST file created by the software is easy to handle. The software is quite economical and one can spend just 69 USD for the purchase of the software.


  • It is a time saving solution to merge PST files.

  • There is no size issue of the resultant PST file.


  • It does not work for the corrupt PST files.

  • There is no filter option provided with the software.


PST Merge is an exceptional tool that helps you to manage PST files by combining a small PST files into a single large file. It is designed keeping in mind the need of present scenario. The desired output is obtained by few mouse clicks. The errorless function of the tool has made it a subject of glare. On considering the features and detailed study of the product, it can be ranked 9/10.