What are the main highlights of iOS 8 Beta 5

Apple has already unveiled the curtain from their latest and smoothest OS till date and it is iOS 8. We’ve seen massive design changes in the last year with iOS 7. Many people didn’t appreciate the “childish” outlook that iOS 7 presented. However, it’s the smoothest OS from Apple and things are looking better since people are getting used to it. The iOS 8 is still in its development stage which means users won’t be able to use it and it won’t work as a fully functional OS. Therefore, the developers are testing the beta versions until Apple has assured that their iOS is ready to reach the consumer hands.

As rumored, Apple released the iOS 8 Beta 5 version on 4th August, 2014 and developers have already started their tourney of performing the updates. If you’re a developer you can get the update from the update mechanism of over the air or you can get it via iOS Developer Center. Along with the iOS 8 Beta 5 update, Apple also released new TV software update of a beta version.

Apple has arranged to redesign the entire iOS 8 with new improvements and fixing the bugs. It includes a ton of changes as well. Since, the OS is about to be released for the consumer section in this fall, Apple will roll the next Beta 6 update in 16th August. Since, things are moving pretty fast, we’ll represent the features and changes that have been made to make the beta version look more finished.


  • Quick Type Toggle

Quick Type was introduced back in the WWDC but after that it was renamed to Predictive. Now, you can toggle the predictive text that hovers above your keyboard by holding the Emoji button on regular keyboard. With this easy to use toggle button, it feels really easier to enable or disable predictive suggestions.

  • Faster Spotlight

Apple promised a faster spotlight from their iOS 8 and it’s proving to be true in this update. The spotlight isn’t only limited to be used to search for contents in your smartphone. It can also pick destinations, recent searches and Wikipedia contents as well. But, the most impressive thing in this update is its speed. When you swipe up to reveal spotlight, it happens almost instantaneously.

  • New Health App Icons

Apple’s latest addition to their iOS 8 was the Health app and Apple is pretty concerned how the app will interact with the users. This is why Apple has brought new icons for the health icons. Plus, you can now add more options along with your medical ID.

  • Wi-Fi Calling

Although T-Mobile is the only carrier that supports Wi-Fi calling feature, now, Apple users can call through Wi-Fi calls.

  • iCloud icons

The old icons of iCloud app have a makeover of blue and whitish outlook.

  • iCloud Photo Optimization

iCloud is the cloud storage mechanism for Apple and now iCloud is more efficient and optimized as well. Apple has added device-oriented optimizations for iCloud