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Is there any Good & Free Video Streaming & Downloading Android App for Users?

If you love to know the world then there is no better way than watching videos and movies. You can watch endless videos and movies so as to ensure that you have a great experience. You can always learn new things and have the utmost pleasure when you watch videos and movies.

But the big question here is where to get these videos and movies from right? Well, there is no need to worry about this thing as long as android is there. Indeed, this platform has amazing options in video applications that not just allow the users to stream their favorite videos movies but also download them for free. Indeed, this post would acquaint you with various such applications. And before you dive into the options of these apps make sure that you do 9apps free download. This third-party play store is going to get you all the applications without any hassle and for free. You can easily search the apps you want and you have them!


This is an excellent, easy to use and effective application for android users. the application allows the users to stream, download, convert music, movies, clips from most of the websites like that of YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram& even other sites for free of cost. More than twenty active online streaming sites are supported and that is more than enough for most of the users. You know what you would also not find any problem in navigating this app because it is well organized and easy to tackle.

This is one such application that supports streaming and downloading of videos in all formats including, FHD, HD, QHD (2K) & UHD (4K), that is overkill intended for most of the users. The conversion feature is a lifesaver for various users, you might quickly extract audio file from the YouTube video or vice versa. Once you have this app, you have a video bonanza in your device.


This application is one of the most popular, useful yet free video downloading app that allows you to grab videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and different other types of popular websites. As a bonus, you can even download full-sized high-quality TV-series, movies, anime series & other shows as well. You can also stream the best content online in case you need it. The application is good and you would not find any type of inconvenience for sure.You know what, both Hollywood, Bollywood movies are there in abundance.  In the recent updates of this app, it had obtained various types of features including the capability to resume the downloads, getting URLs right from the browser and host of other types of features. Once you do vidmate 2019 download, you can get all the formats and resolutions too in this app for your videos or movies. In this way you would get all the videos and movies in the formats and resolution of your choice.


Thus, you should definitely go through these two powerful, effective and absolutely amazing applications. These would definitely give you a great time.