Is iPhone6S Plus Still the Best Phablet from Apple?

The Digital Revolution, which saw the rise of smartphones and tablets eventually came up with a way to find a middle ground, by combining the two into a phablet. Mobile devices with screens between the range of 5.5” and 6.9” are usually referred to as phablets. Several brands like HTC, Nokia, and Dell were the first to start something of this form. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note of 2011, made the phablet family famous worldwide.

In September 2014, Apple made it’s debut into the phablet industry with the release of its iPhone 6 Plus, which was later upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus.

Not too long ago this year, Apple released its iPhone 7,  but does this mean fans will immediately ditch the iPhone 6s Plus? Or is the old version the best phablet from Apple so far? Let’s do some comparison.

The iPhone 7 Plus is water resistant. It can remain submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Of course, the iPhone 6s Plus does not have such feature, but pardon my asking, why on earth would you want your phablet charging in water? Smartphones are usually expected to be handled with care. Nevertheless, the iPhone 6s Plus can handle light splashes.

The physical “pressable” home button of iPhone 6s Plus has been replaced with a touch sensitive one on the iPhone 7 Plus; it is speculated that probably in a bid to create space for this new feature, Apple, then did away with the audio headphone jack. The removal of this jack means you will need Apple’s very expensive wireless Airports or a Bluetooth headset. None of these problems, of course, come with the iPhone 6s Plus. Not to mention, you can charge and listen to music at the same time!

If you have a habit of attention to detail, you might notice that the iPhone 7 Plus looks neater than the iPhone 6s Plus, due to the removal of the antenna bands from the latter, but who has ever sold a phone only by making it look “neat”?

Probably the only thumbs-up feature of the iPhone 7 Plus when compared to the iPhone 6s Plus is the enhancement of the earpiece speaker, making its dual stereo loudspeakers, louder. Also, iPhone 7 Plus offers a wider range of colors too. But then, there are a host of wearable skin covers accessories in various colors and designs, so that’s not really a setback.

That the iPhone 7 Plus has a better performance than the iPhone 6s, shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, why else would they call it a new release? IPhone 7 has 50% more RAM than its predecessor, doing away with the 16GB storage and stepping into the 32GB storage line.

This is most relevant to only those who use a lot of apps on their mobiles. While this year’s release has no CDMA support, you can find it in previous models. iPhone 7 Plus supports 4G network, while iPhone 6s Plus is still using 3G, nothing significant here, as one can still do live streaming and fast downloads on 3G network as well. Also, in India, most providers are yet to offer full 4G network services.

iPhone 7 Plus comes preloaded with the latest Apple software iOS 10. Fortunately, this isn’t a big blow to the iPhone 6s Plus, as you can also upgrade to iOS 10 on the 6s Plus as well.

As for me, anything referred to as battery upgrade is meaningless unless it can boast of 24 hours. That seems unbelievable? Well, ditching the iPhone 6s Plus for the iPhone 7 Plus because of the extra one hour of battery life is unreasonable to me.

Graphic light and display for both devices, remains relatively the same, with both still using the 1920 x 1080p LCD. However, we admit, there is a 25% increase in brightness and display accuracy due to the wider color gamut used in the newer phones.

Not surprisingly, iPhone 7 Plus is more expensive than iPhone 6s Plus.

The only advantage iPhone 7 Plus seems to have over iPhone 6s Plus is the dual camera (at the rear). IPhone 7 Plus camera has improved optical and digital zoom with enhanced LED flash to make taking pictures at night clearer and more fun.

We shouldn’t also forget that while these internal differences have been noted, both iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus are identical in looks. So, in my opinion, unless you desperately need those small extras/additions from iPhone 7 Plus, I think iPhone 6s Plus is still Apple’s best phablet.

Alternatively, it would be wiser to wait for next year’s release, sure to feature significant makeovers.