iOS9 Brings Amazing Upgrades to your Apple iPhones

With the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus unveiled, Apple users have key reasons to rejoice as the stunning new phones are bound to win your hearts. However, existing Apple users too can rejoice as they can upgrade their existing devices such as iPhones and iPads to get the latest iOS9 which brings some super amazing upgrades to your phones making it quite a sure shot hit. You can also wait for the launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and make use of paytm coupons to get your hands on the latest models or find great deals on existing phones as well.

The integration between the apps and the software has greatly been bridged with the new update as you get a better feel of your phone and better exploit its functionalities. While you won’t get the benefit of 3D touch if you don’t get the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus but this is what existing users will get with the new iOS9 Upgrade:

Better Notifications

Earlier iOS on iPhones and iPads clubbed notifications according to the apps which meant you had to sift through weeks of notifications and find out the most relevant ones for you. Now notifications are shown according to date and you get the most recent notifications on the top. This makes it easier for you to browse through notifications and if you’re not used to this setting, you can always go into settings to regroup them by apps again.

Improved Battery Life

The iPhone battery life is always a key concern with users as the battery seems to fade away quite quickly but with the iOS 9 comes a new power mode that helps turn off unnecessary downloads and other tasks that might suck up battery such as visual effects and screen battery. It also stops the phone for checking for new emails and will update apps less frequently to give you a boost of battery.

Smarter Alarm

Setting your favourite song as an alarm is never recommended as you soon begin to loath it. With the new iOS 9 if you select a song to become your alarm, it won’t stop ringing till you don’t hit snooze or turn the alarm off. Earlier it stopped playing once the song was over irrespective if you woke up or not. Now the song will play on repeat making sure you get out of bed- choose your song wisely if you’re going to hear it on a loop!

Easier Navigation

You can easily navigate your way around your phone with a better access as from the home screen you can get to a new search screen by swiping left or right. You also get around your phone better with Siri’s upgraded assistance that is able to assess your recent contacts, people you talk to more often, help you with important businesses around you, as well as be able to point out places to eat depending on time of the day which really makes this quite impressive. This surely is a smarter technology which helps you achieve a two way communication with your phone. Now enjoy watching videos, catching up with friends, searching for amazon coupons for great deals and do so much more with your iPhones.

Added Security

If you have iPhones that support fingerprint ID then you’ll also be asked to set a longer 6 digit passcode for added protection. This is an upgrade from the usual 4 digit passcodes that you set. This gives added security to your apps as well as the valuable data you store on your device.

The iOS 9 upgrades surely look quite enthralling and iPhone users even with older models should feel thrilled. For others, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus would be going up on sale shortly!