Importance of UAV mapping

Technology improves day by day. The buzz of technology has seen everywhere; drone mapping that is the big example of this. If we back before few years, that type of mapping system was impossible. We use the old method for designing and mapping and map made by drafting manfully. Sometime, there was many difficulties come, when we take a look of large area. In that situation, UAV mapping or drone mapping very helpful. We attached a computer software with drone and take photos with all 3-d angle.


In UAV mapping, a small craft capable to build a map of an indoor space and prove how a small gadget make this difficult work so essay. Now technology has improved and automated drone has made, the size of these drones is very small and that can build a 3-D map of an unfamiliar environment and minimum help of a human operator. The combination of computer software and sensor, make this difficult task so easy. A company would need to do one manual flight to have a drone build its map. For subsequent inspections, the drone could do the job autonomously.

UAV mapping is a perfect platform for regularly acquiring highly detailed and actionable data for large-scale operations such as farming, construction and conservation, as well as search and rescue and emergency response. We’ve chosen a lightweight and robust foam frame, which translates to less risk, easy to handle and cost per flight and multiplies the cost-effectiveness of our platform.


Everyone knows, drone has made the 3-D mapping system so easy, but if we talk about the cost of drone mapping is very high, the camera and sensor or other instrument which is used in drone mapping is very high quality and they work easily in all weather conditions like temperature, velocity, orientation, and gravitational forces. Night vision camera’s and fastest CPU’s make drone faster and night creatures.