How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S7 with Verizon

Mobile handsets sold by network service providers as a bundle with their networking services, often come with a lock that restricts or prevents the usage of the instrument with other network providers. This is done to prevent to secure their technology and information and prevent misuse across other networks. It is also a trade trick to retain customers. Users may need to unlock the phone and migrate to other networks for several reasons including:

  • Travel to or resettlement in another geography that has better local networks
  • Reducing mobile roaming costs while travelling by switching to another network
  • Requirement to switch to a more cost-effective network without having to forsake the handset
  • Need to sell the handset for a better price (Unlocked phones do have a better resale value).

All 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy phones distributed by Verizon usually ship unlocked, unless they are part of a package or plan that mandates a lock-in period for usage. Trying to insert a different SIM may give a warning that a non-Verizon SIM is inserted. This is just for information and the instrument should function normally without any hassle across networks. Before trying to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon phone, it is important to check if it satisfies certain prerequisites like:

  • Is the device eligible for unlocking as per the purchase agreement
  • Has it served a minimum lock-in period with Verizon, if any before being available for unlocking
  • Are all the dues pertaining to payments cleared
  • The phone is a legal instrument and has not been either stolen or blocked.
  • Any other requirement mandated by Verizon

Unlocking the phone:

There are 2 ways in which you can unlock samsung galaxy s7 verizon device:

1. By acquiring an unlock code from Verizon:

  • The subscriber can contact the Verizon Customer Service and get the SIM unlock codes to unlock his/her mobile. The customer care number is: 800-922-0204.
  • If the phone is a 3G World device, the customer can type the standard codes available – “000000” or “123456” to unlock the SIM

2. By utilizing the services of an Unlock code service provider

It is legal to unlock one’s phone by contacting SIM unlock service providers available in the market. There are two ways to utilize their services:

  • Request for an unlock code from the agency, by providing the carrier name, the handset name and the IMEI number. After verifying the records, the unlock code is sent to the individual. Typing this code unlocks the SIM.
  • Request for the unlocking service to be done by the provider. After getting the required details, unlocking is done in the Verizon server by the service provider himself.

Things to note:

  1. It is important to check if the device is compatible for use in other networks before unlocking. Unlocked phones cannot be used in other CDMA networks. They can be used across GSM network providers.
  2. IMEI number can be obtained by dialling *#06# from the mobile.
  3. Some unlock services can result in loss of data and malfunctioning of mobile functions. It is better to check the authenticity of the unlock service provider before opting for their services.