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How to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Entertaining During The Pandemic

As families all over the United States are practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak, enjoying the special moments in life have become tricky. Before the coronavirus days, we all were busy making sure that we make special occasions for our children more than amazing. Be it their birthday or their academic achievement, as parents, you always want to make their day something special. However, with the whole coronavirus debacle not slowing down, it is safe to say that having the opportunity to spend your kid’s special day the old way is not coming back anytime soon.

The world has started accepting the changes that came with the coronavirus. Starting from business to schools and even in our everyday life, we have started thinking in regards to the virus spread. The coronavirus outbreak has changed how people used to spend their days and night. It has even managed to change how people use to work. But majorly, it has affected how people used to celebrate important occasions.

While the adults are trying to cope with the changes and making sure they adapt to the changes coming through, it has always been hard to explain to kids what the world is going through. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, children had to sacrifice their routine to stay inside their homes to curb the spread of the virus. Moreover, the closures of school, parks, and other places of public gathering made it sure that kids can only stay in their homes.

As much as it is frustrating for the adults to spend moths in their home with no outside attraction, it is more difficult for the kids. And in such times if your kid’s birthday comes up or is coming up then it will become more than hard for you to make the kids understand how they can not celebrate their birthday at a public place.

However, instead of avoiding celebrating your kid’s birthday thinking that you will throw a big party once the coronavirus is over, is not a good idea. What you should do is start using creative with your approach.

We have listed some of the low-cost birthday ideas for your kids that you can try in the pandemic:

Virtual Party

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been spending our lives virtually. Be it an employee working for a company or a business owner, the work is only being done by virtual means. This has given an easy idea to celebrate your kid’s birthday party virtually.

What you can do is do a little decoration in your house and then invite the rest of your family members, friend, and your kid’s friends and their family through virtual video meetings.

Make sure you keep this virtual invitation a secret from your kids so that a soon as he/she finds family joining he calls, they will be more than happy.

Keep It Private

Not every kid wants a birthday party with many people, some of them just need a minimal celebration or a nice gift to celebrate. If you think that your kids are that private type, then we have just the right idea for you.

What you can do is arrange a little party with just you, your spouse, and your kids. Have a little cake and some family time.

While you can not trust the internet streaming platform for age-appropriate content, the safest and affordable option is cable TV service. Make sure you watch your kid’s favorite cartoon show together. Also, you have god options for affordable cable TV services. Take wow cable TV packages, for example, the WOW cable packages from WOW TV and internet service is the one you should go for to have fun all the time with your kids.

Social Distancing Party

If you think you are the responsible one then throwing a social distancing birthday party won’t cause you much harm.

However, you need to make sure that you maintain all the standard operating procedures considering the spread of coronavirus.


Find out some of the easy ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday during a pandemic. You can make their day special by making them feel loved. Come up with creative ways to entertain the little ones on their special days during this era of social distancing. It will live long in their memories.