How to flatter your customers?

A happy and satisfied clientele is all your business may actually need – it’s said that a business is only as good as its clients. The day you realize that your customer base has the power to make or break you, you will start giving it a serious thought – how to flatter them? How to make them happy by making smart decisions, without actually losing anything yourself. It’s all in the details. Companies that accommodate their customers in the little ways are those that retain their clients. A smile goes a long way to make someone’s day and to make your customers believe that they matter. If you’re an online business, a customized message asking for feedback, or wishing a customer on their birthday are some of the gestures that don’t take much, but will have a strong impact on your business-client relationship. The secret to a flourishing business – online or otherwise – is to know how to nurture brand advocates. Since most businesses are turning strictly online nowadays given the strong technological and digital growth in the last decade, it’s really important to be able to connect with your online customers – which may be more tricky since you can’t really offer tea, coffee, a friendly attitude and smiles as you can in person – and to know how to make them feel valued, and keep them coming back to your brand for repeat purchase. In order to constantly stay in touch with your clients and be available any time they try to get through to you, you must first find the fastest internet provider in town and purchase good internet services, so there are no delays in response – which really doesn’t leave a good impression. Some of the most gestures that you can ensure to woo your customers are as follows:

Be quick and efficient

Actions speak louder than words, and if you’re saying all the right things, yet your service is slacking, and responses are delayed for whatever reason, it will leave a negative impact on your clients, and all your words will go in vain. However, when paired with efficient service, quick responses and immediate assistance, it will really make a difference, and you will gain a loyal brand advocate who will in turn recommend your brand to friends and family. Make certain your customer service representatives are online even during off hours to ensure that clients are dealt with, and make certain that any problem that has been brought to you is solved immediately and for good, with the best possible solution, with a sincere apology and a little something extra – like a discount on their next purchase or a coupon. This will exceed their expectations when they turn to you for service – even post-purchase, and will create a strong bond with them for certain. In order to make sure there is always an internet connection make certain you’re purchasing services from the best and the fastest internet provider.

Be polite and engaging

Make sure your body language, the type of words you use, your posture, your tone, and your facial expressions, along with all other behavioral traits when conversing with a client are friendly, approachable and polite in order to gain their immediate satisfaction and approval. To strategically improve your relationship with your client and to flatter one into becoming a loyal buyer, you must pay attention to the little things they say – or don’t say – and be a good listener; focus on what they say and come up with the best possible solution for them, whether they’ve come up with a problem that needs to be solved or a certain type of product they’re looking for. Monitor conversations closely and attentively to gain insights about your clients, their issues, queries and expectations. This will put you in a better position to help them out, keeping in mind their specific personality traits also, and their expectations and you will be able to keep your relationship with them afloat and thriving. It will also convince them of their importance and value to your business, which will automatically be flattering to them.

Never over-promise and never under-deliver

Is what your customer just asked you doable? In how many days will the problem be solved? When faced with such questions and high expectations staring at your waiting for response, it’s hard to say no, especially if the persons standing in front of you is a client you’re trying to please. However, if you consider the situation in the longer run, and you over-promise your client something, for example, a bug to be fixed in their connection you provided them and you promise them 2 days where as you know it will take more than that, by the end of those two days, you’ll be on put on the stand and held accountable for misleading the client, which really isn’t worth it. So just make a quick decision in your mind and always give them a reasonable time/date for your solution, as under-delivering something is something that will put off your client. However, if you promise your client 3 days and get the issue fixed in 2, it’ll most probably impress them. So instead of over promising and under delivering, try and keep things realistic, and do the opposite of that. Try and outperform yourself and your competitors in whatever way you can to gain approval of your clients and to make them happy.

Stay in touch

Yes, we’ve mentioned this above as well, but it’s really crucial and the need to stay in constant touch with your customers is crucial, all pre, during and post-purchase periods. Stay on contact to learn about them, receive their data to use in later surveys, gain their feedback to further improve your products or services. Hence, a proper and sustaining internet connection is important for your business to stay afloat and keep impressing clients. Internet providers such as Charter Spectrum Internet by provide fast and steady internet at reasonable prices, which is essential and can be extremely beneficial in sustaining relationships with clients throughout your journey with them.