How to Choose the Best Software for SMS Marketing

The massive technological evolution during the last century has enabled several new platforms to facilitate marketing techniques and strategies. In this series, the historic introduction of mobile phones became a revolutionary platform to create a direct impact over the consumers or the target audience. Thus, mobile phone, as a very effective medium, became a significant platform for marketing through bulk messaging as a tool. Bulk messaging has become an imperative tool for SMS marketing and promotion of various products, services, causes and ideas.

Bulk messaging enables marketing managers to gain maximum exposure and reach the targeted audience directly. Since SMS marketing involves dissemination of information and messages directly to the target audience. Therefore, bulk messaging as a marketing tool delivers greater utility to the commercial, social, political and other institutions. A wide range of software for SMS marketing facilitates the sender of the communication to disseminate messages and other communication across thousands of SMSs and emails.

Common Apis Enabling Bulk Messaging

In order to send across bulk messaging, you have to use a standard application programming interface. Some of the most common APIs for bulk messaging include FTP (File Protocol Transfer), SMPP, or Short Message Peer to Peer, HTTP and Emailing.

SMS Marketing Software

There are several software packages that enables sending and receiving of bulk messages. These software packages facilitate the users to add and manage a large number of phone numbers for bulk SMS. Most of these software solutions enable users to upload the text files and CSV files that contain data of mobile numbers. These software applications allow multiple functions to facilitate proper management of bulk SMS, which include automation and validation of mobile number lists besides removal of duplicate numbers. These text message marketing software tools may even be customized to automate the sending of the bulk messaging at a specified point or period of time.

Free and Paid Bulk SMS Software

A huge variety of bulk SMS software is available online, ranging from advanced text message marketing software to free software for SMS marketing. Small business entities often use free SMS marketing software applications, which are available online. However, if you want to handle volumes of bulk messaging, you would need to invest some capital in procuring advanced SMS marketing software. Usually, the big marketing agencies make the most efficient use of such software for bulk SMS marketing. The key advantage of bulk SMS software is that a single message can be sent to thousands of recipients at a same time. The automation of these software solutions helps you to set the time when you want your messages to be sent automatically. There is no end to the number of messages you want to send using SMS marketing software.

Therefore, sending bulk messages has become so popular among various entities. If you also want to use such software or services, you can avail any of the widespread software solutions online. However, if you are a dedicated marketing company that handles millions of transactions a day, then buying a text message marketing software would usher many benefits to your enterprise.