The primary feeling you get is that the gadget is fairly muscular. The face of the gadget houses the 7-inch display that possesses a resolution of 480×800. The face of the gadget also has a 2MP camera and a back key. There is no back camera. All connecting ports are at the base of the gadget. It also boosts a mini USB port, mini HDMI out, a headphones jack, microSD card slot.

In general the gadget fits the average crowd. Its looks and design isn’t that dissimilar from the rivalry to make it a stupendous creation.


The gadget runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The losing part is that HCL has distant the right to use the Google Play Store on the gadget. As an alternative you have admission to the HCL Me app store which houses many apps.

In no doubt, most of the well-liked applications are there but then you don’t have admission to all the applications. In addition, the design on the HCL Me application store is dull and unexciting; we hope HCL adds the Google Play store in accumulation to its own store.

Beneath the lid, the gadget is power-driven by a 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU and has 512MB RAM giving a good fight to its competitor…

In general reaction of the touch screen is a bit lethargic. This working improved somewhat when we installed a task killer though negligible…

Browsing the net on the gadget was a varied practice. The change in direction from portrait to landscape was speedy. On the whole net browsing experience was first-class.

Another disappointment to the gadget is that the YouTube application accessible on the HCL app store is not good… The videos though are appealingly smoothly but the audio from the integral speakers is not appealing.

The HCL Me Tablet X1 comprises of 1080p video playback support at 30fps. This runs extremely effortlessly without any stutters. The display is crunchy.

The face of the gadget has a 2MP camera with a highest resolution of 1600 × 1200. The pictures taken from the device are average in quality. The face facing camera is also competent of shooting videos in 640 × 480 resolution.

The gadget also has a mini USB to full USB adaptor. With expected use, the gadget lasted less then 24 hours which is what you can expect from such gadgets…
A superior characteristic of the gadget is that it has a file manager that comes preinstalled.



On the whole, the HTC Me Tab X1 is a standard player when compared to the rivalry in the similar cost range. The lack of Google Play store is the major disappointment of this gadget. The requirement of Bluetooth and a SIM card slot too is felt, especially when these basic requirements are presented by the opposition. If you can ignore all these drawbacks, you can definitely go ahead and buy this gadget. After all beauty, and performance lies in the eye of the beholder.