What all happens with prepaid service? Get informed!

Using different kinds of services can seem to be a very simple phenomenon. But it is something more than that. There is lot of stuff that you actually need to understand before finalising on the type of service you choose for you. This writ-up covers up almost everything you need to know in case if you go for prepaid service.

With prepaid service you have to join a carrier’s network and purchase credit before you can make calls. The credit usually expires within days or months. Once you use up the credit or when it expires, you have to purchase additional credit before you can call again. Buying credit for prepaid is popularly referred to as recharging. Notice that charging your phone battery is different from recharging.

Nowadays you can recharge from mobile phone outlets and a wide variety of shops, including petrol stations and grocery stores. However, you have to buy credit from the same carrier with which you have service. Alternatively, you can recharge using your credit card with most providers.

Joining a prepaid service is easy. There are no credit checks, but you must have by law photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. If you want a mobile phone along with your prepaid service, you must purchase a prepaid bundle, which comes with a phone, a SIM card, and free credit to get you started. Prepaid bundles are popular and are offered by almost all carriers. You have to first register with the network by calling customer service before you can start making calls.

 You Want Prepaid

You Have No Phone You Have NO SIM

  • Purchase a prepaid bundle from any carrier.
  • You will get a brand new phone, a SIM card, a new number, and some credit to start with.

You Have No Phone You Have SIM

  • Purchase a prepaid bundle from any carrier.
  • If carriers are identical and your existing SIM is prepaid, just put your old SIM card into the new prepaid phone.
  • If carriers are different and you want to keep the same number request for porting during registration.

You Have Phone You Have No SIM

  • Purchase a prepaid starter kit.
  • You will get a SIM card, a new number, and some credit to start with.
  • If carriers are different, make sure your phone is not locked to any network.

You Have Prepaid Phone and SIM

You Want to Go Outright

  • If phone is locked, call your carrier to unlock. Fees may be applicable.

You Want Post-paid Service

  • Purchase a BYO, month-to-month or SIM-only service.
  • If with the same carrier, use the same SIM to do a pre- to post-transfer with your carrier.
  • If transferring to a different carrier, unlock the phone if locked by calling your carrier. Fees may be applicable.

What happens to the prepaid credit when you go post-paid? If you are switching carriers, generally the prepaid credit is gone for good. So it is better to finish off the remaining credit by having long conversations in that limited time. However, if you are switching from prepaid to post-paid with the same carrier, most carriers let you transfer the credit without any loss. For further clarifications, get in touch with the expert staff by calling at BT contact number.