Hand Picked iGadgetArena : Comindware Review

Comindware can control your work from corner to corner in different working applications and can trim down your time shattered on infinite meetings. With the help on comindware you can take a look of what’s going on in your company. It is first collaboration software designed for people to work effectively and as a team. All the work discussions should be kept in same place where the work actually gets done. Keep all your e-mails at one place and plan your work environment in organised activities. You can make a workflow of all business tasks in which no programming is required, in-built project management lets you discuss work and sharing files with your team members. Comindware easily manages various business activities, vacations, help desk, Company directory, sales and marketing etc.

When you are planning big projects just trust on work Breakdown structure (WBS) comindware software, where you simply create a visual project structure for an easier planning experience and then just drag and drop the elements of your initial plan. With the help of automated priority based planning, Team Collaboration Software creates your plan according to your assigned tasks and set priorities. It helps you to avoid time consuming manual scheduling and do other important work instead.

With the help of user-friendly Gantt Chart you can easily plan and execute your projects with less effort. All low level planning and adjustments are done automatically. With the help of Predictive Real-Time Gantt Chart you can make project management decisions timely. The software shows the real project status by automatically opening the time slots when the work is completed before time or when it’s delayed by shifting the work to future. When you have your plan on Microsoft Project then there is no need to re-submit it manually on comindware. With just a few clicks you can import the MS Project file into Comindware Project.

Most of the time same people are assigned to multiple projects which may affect team productivity and motivation. Comindware helps you to track your resources and it’s highlighted in your plan. So you can easily allocate the resources in advance to different projects based on the workload information. In case of large teams and big projects Resource pool can be used for easier planning and allocation. You can assign individual managers to these pools to make sure that they are under control.

Comindware project provides the suitable environment for each of your projects. Even if you are in charge of new product development Comindware project ensures you meet your deadlines and keep the plans under control.

You can create a separate room for discussion on specific matters or projects like how to launch a product, sales, etc.  In fact, you can invite customers, external partners or colleagues from other department and discuss the matters.

With the help of this software you can keep all the project-related and company documents at one place. You can use the social directory to find a person, in a particular department for a specific task. Team members must be awarded with the titles “Employee of the month”, “best performer” or any other to keep them motivated and increase team productivity.