Google Penguin 2.0 Update is Released

According to Matt Cutts penguin 2.0 update is release Wednesday afternoon on “This Week in Google”.

“It’s gonna have a fairly huge impact on web spam,” Cutts aforesaid on the show. “It’s a fresh generation of algorithms. The previous versions of penguin would essentinally only check out the home page of a website. The newer generation of penguin goes a lot of deeper and includes a extremely huge impact in bound tiny areas.”

Previous Penguin Updates:

  • Penguin 1: April 24, 2012 (impacting ~3.1% of queries)
  • Penguin 2: May 26, 2012 (impacting less than 0.1%)
  • Penguin 3:  October 5, 2012 (impacting ~0.3% of queries)
  • Penguin 4: May 22, 2013 (impacting 2.3% of queries)