Get Creative Online- Pinterest

With the many social media platforms available online they offer great ways to get creative and share your work. Pinterest is a great place to start. This site allows you to ‘pin’ anything of interest to your boards and share these online. Pinterest is a great place to document all the interesting images you’ve seen online. It is basically an online mood board, and what gets creativity flowing better than creating mood boards? You can use Pinterest to help your own creativity, inspire others, share with friends and use it to show potential employers your creativity and interests. Here is a guide to using Pinterest-

Where To Start

You will need to set up an account to start pinning. Once you have signed up Pinterest will suggest that you create one of their template boards and pin a few pictures in order to get started. This is kind of a practice pin, but it will become one of your boards. I would advise not doing this as your page will appear the same as everybody else’s with the same template boards. This also says nothing about you as a person as it’s not a board you have chosen to make in relation to your interests. Create your own unique board instead.

Boards And Pinning

When you come to create your first board the theme for it should come quite naturally and relate to your own interests. If you are struggling to think of a board you would like to make write a list of all your interests. Using this list think about what you look at most online, and which subject works best in terms of imagery.

Once you have created your first board you are ready to start pinning. A great way to start is to think of something you want to pin to your board and search for other pins, then re-pin! Pin images that inspire you, fit into your board topic and start to stimulate ideas and creativity!

Using Your Boards

Pinterest is a great place to keep all your mood boards for up and coming projects. If you are working on projects with others share your boards and discus your ideas! Use Pinterest as your own creative thinking training. Anytime you are lacking in creativity pop onto your Pinterest and start pinning to get your creative juices flowing, or use your own boards to refresh your memory of your ideas behind a project or a topic.