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The five most essential skills for getting your first freelance project

Choosing Freelance as your full-time job, opens for you lots of new possibilities. Now you are free from office routine and constantly unsatisfied boss! But if you decided to become a professional freelancer and succeed in your new sphere of activity, you must have certain skills, without which your attempts may be simply useless, let’s now look at some of them.

1. Ability to soberly assess your capabilities when selecting areas of activity

There are many areas in which you can start working. Almost any specialist can become a great remote worker, so there is a strong likelihood that skills mentioned in your resume open for you one or even more freelance opportunities and you just need to choose something.

You don’t have to be an outstanding expert (not everyone can become a graphic designer or programmer), but you can suddenly realize that your “secondary” skills will allow you to work remotely; for example, if you are a good writer then you have the potential to become a freelance copywriter. Doubting what you can write? Many students turn to custom writing companies to ask them «write my college essay» and you can become one of those people who help scholars in their academic matters, another opportunity is blogging, content-writing, and much more.

2. Ability to present yourself in favorable light

If you are planning to stand out from the crowd and become successful online worker, you will have to create your personal brand that will distinguish you from your competitors. Your brand (i.e. website, blog, social networks accounts) is your face, and it must speak clearly about your uniqueness.

By saying this I mean that you need to narrow down the area of focus. For example, if you decided to stick to the industry of Web design and are not trying to do several things at once, you can work with various IT companies and startups, this way your potential client will easier find you and can make you more attractive to clients.

3. Good portfolio

The world of freelancing is not as scrupulous, as corporate world. Many potential customers do not need to know about your skills, they just want to know what experience you already had, results of your previous projects, and decide whether you match them.

Therefore, if you are a master of your craft, and can demonstrate positive results of your work with the help of a good portfolio and satisfied feedback from clients, you have every chance of success! However, it is difficult to make a portfolio without decent experience.

Trying to get out of this situation, many freelancers are ready to accept any offer, this way falling into a vicious circle of low-paid jobs; to work for clients who pay well you must show that you are good in your area and worth more.

4. Ability to show your importance to attract customers’ attention

Try to search for solvent customers who offer big and long-term projects; this will help you to maintain a reputation of a good specialist.

Who to look for? If you were promoting yourself correctly, then you know exactly who to look for. Having a certain number of potential customers, you are likely to find some serious work because many companies are willing to work with freelancers, whose importance and demand on the market is high. And you just need to create such illusion.

Potential clients can be found anywhere; remember that your possibilities are unlimited.

There are only two components that lead to successful search for customers – actuality and volume search customers that match your brand, and there should be plenty.

5. Be patient and prudent

After all, freelance work is a game of numbers, the more potential customers you will find – the more chances of getting a good job you have. If you have a good set of skills and high-quality brand, you have every chance to succeed in the world of freelancing, as it earlier happened to many other people.