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The Fight of Tech-Watches: Samsung galaxy gear vs. Sony Smartwatch 2

After the craze of android based phones, now the time has come up when people will wrap their wrist with an operating system. Yes, this may sound stupid but in reality, it is happening! Giant brands like Sony and Samsung has manufactured two brilliant watches to keep updated even on the move. The entire gadget world is therefore talking much about Sony’s Smart Watch 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Let’s check out their spec and feature showdown.

The Framework

No plastic chassis is entertained in these two masterpieces. With the outer frame of stainless steel and aluminum, the Gear and Smartwatch 2 ensures a long life to accompany the users and to cooperate with the rough and tough usage very easily. Although you feel Smartwatch 2 a bit chunky than the Galaxy Gear, but still Sony facilitates the users with the strap replacement facility in case you are getting troubled while carrying it on your wrist. Any standard 24 mm strap will go well with this metallic wrist watch.

The Dial

Smartwatch 2 is slightly wider than the Galaxy Gear and thus boasts much screen area. Gear convinces by displaying much sharper screen skinned with a Smartphone like pixel density. Outfitted with a super AMOLED display, Gear exudes great looks and readability even under the sun whereas Smart Watch of Sony houses trans-reflective LCD screen.

Water resistance

Both of these tech-rich watches come out of the box with a water resistance capacity. And that’s really important for a rugged use. Sony has made the device much more efficient than the other one so that you can even swim it wrapping it on your wrists. Samsung only allows users till taking a shower with it or drenching with it while drizzling only.


Well, these are the early such high definition technology enriched watches in the souk so it is better to avoid any kind of dwelling regarding their capabilities. What boosts up the Galaxy Gear‘s energy far better than Sony’s Smartwatch 2 is its single core CPU. And yes, it is way faster too. Impressively, both of them keep you updated with each and every important notification instantly. Smart Relay application is included into Galaxy Gear’s machinery that automatically unlocks the consequent app right on your smart phone just the time you pick it up. So whenever you will get a notification of receiving an e-mail, you can just instantly check it out on your phone. A speaker and microphone are also integrated with the Galaxy Gear to empower the users to receive their calls. On the other hand, Smartwatch 2 lacks such features though it is capable enough to abet the users in making calls via a Bluetooth headset. Well, technically and after a hands on try, Sony can hardly get the heart-winning effect in its Smartwatch 2’s image in the market. S Voice comes on board with Gear which is again extremely alluring and makes the Sony Smartwatch 2 just a lackluster.

It Captures Shots Too!

A camera is carved on the Galaxy Gear’s strap. You may find the entire snapping process a little creepy but still it amuses a lot. Sony again loses its charm with the absence of a snapping feature.


Sony has tried its best to pack the watch with NFC technology which is indeed commendable so far. It effortlessly connects you with upscale gadgets. What more you want? Apps will find no issue in running on these devices as well. Galaxy Gear is much more energy efficient as compared to Sony’s Smartwatch 2 owing to its battery-conserving Bluetooth LE technology.


So if you are expecting lots of bells and whistles around your wrist, then the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is the best option for you to choose. But if you want better connectivity with convenience operating and a little reliability in a single package, then Sony’s Smartwatch 2 will make you contented for sure.