The Evolving Era of Cloud Computing

In traditional computing environment hosting website, developing applications, networking resource establishment khetc., were the complicated task as they required a lot of time, effort and investment. Companies were spending a considerable amount on setting up their physical infrastructure of hardware resources, networking, etc. Cloud computing has reduced these complexities by availing its outstanding services.

Cloud presents the following delivery models:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Network as a Service (NaaS)

The term IaaS derives the accessibility of physical resources over the internet. The most basic need of any organisation is the infrastructure. Cloud offers the computing resources such as memory, vCPU and hardware allowing you to develop a productive machine.

Suppose you need to host a website for your company, what will you select? The virtual environment with various astonishing services or you will invest in establishing your local machine and provide 24*7 connectivity with internet to it.

No, rather than spending your time and money for the hardware resources you can create your virtual machine on cloud and you will pay only for the use. The first phase is the selection of availability zones (AZ) which is the region where all these physical devices are located in real. Its cloud vendors responsibility to manage, maintain and provide security to AZ.

Applications such as shared documents, salesforce analytics tools, etc., are the best example of the cloud-based product. The main benefits of cloud are:

Reduced Cost :

Everything available on the cloud is chargeable peruse. You will only pay for the resources you used. There will be no extra cost for maintenance as it is provided by the vendor. Most of the cloud service providers charge per hour.

Remote Accessibility:

You only need a well-established internet connection and supported device for the using cloud. Cloud has made it easy for organisations to operate their business more effectively. One can access cloud services from anywhere and anytime.

High Performance-

Cloud helps you to achieve the high throughput performance for your machine. The auto scalable feature automatically adds or remove resources depending upon the overall ups and down in upcoming traffic. It let you deliver the best service to your end users.

Backup and Recovery:

Data is the critical unit of an organisation driving the overall business operations. The sensitive details such as company information, bank and customer details, etc., are needed to be kept secure. These information must be available whenever they are needed. The business operations should not be stopped in case of any accidental loss. That is why cloud vendors provide multiple services for the keeping your data secure. They spend an enormous amount on providing security services to your information.

Your data is replicated at the multiple regions for its safety so that you can recover it in case of the accidental loss or theft. There are various other services offered by vendors for data such as snapshot service which keeps a log by collecting the snapshot of the data and migration service for transferring data from one machine to another on the different platform.

Final words:

Cloud Computing has become an advanced way to deal with IT infrastructure. In terms of hardware, cloud computing offers a number of computing resources thus eliminating the need for upfront investment in hardware. According to the ever-changing requirements, cloud computing allows you to pay for use of computing resources on a short-term basis as needed while releasing the resources when not in use. The technicalities of cloud are important to understand to make the most of its three models. Beginners can jump on the cloud bandwagon with the help cloud experts, and you can even certify your skills through training, for example, AWS Technical Essentials Training. Cloud is here to stay and every business operation will be performed on the cloud soon.